1. Dane Daniels says:


  2. Angelo Legend says:


  3. YB 007 says:

    Congrats for first match and 2assist

  4. YB 007 says:

    Well,Manny I would like to tell u something that I had played a football game which includes become the legend section but,I got to play the first match I fell bad for u not getting turn to play and the coach is being jerk.

    And also liked that u talk about being mature on the no"69" I am impressed seriouslly

  5. EL KING says:

    Hi man

  6. EL KING says:


  7. Abdullahi Houber says:


  8. Thesoccerstar 2008 says:

    Who is here in 2019

  9. louis botha says:

    it must be 95

  10. Azzam - عزام says:

    I love you

  11. VA Gregoje says:


  12. Mohan Kumar says:

    Just try 106 and 109

  13. Irs Gamer says:

    How did you get the gold bottom cleat 2:39

  14. Legend Gamer says:

    Well on pes2018 I'm a 99 over all.

  15. Legend Gamer says:

    I'm a 99 over all but you're gonna do great bro i know it. 😁

  16. Doug Worley says:

    I'm a Sunderland fan, ouch

  17. Roberto Rivera Jr says:

    Fuck you

  18. Roan Vadakan says:


  19. FluffyTuber says:

    da fuck is this mobile game

  20. denboiplayz gaming says:

    96 ovr

  21. Zepo Fortnite - Rocket League - Fifa 20 Content says:

    Have 227. Dab

  22. Zepo Fortnite - Rocket League - Fifa 20 Content says:

    Manny is the best youtuber😱😍😍

  23. Boody Foraver says:

    From 80 to 90 in celebrating is best

  24. viktor kragh says:

    mans not hot in 2016

  25. Manjit Perkins says:

    Fifa many I am a big fan and Ronaldo,s selabrashon is the best

  26. Apurba Shrestha says:

    The ting goes skraaaaaa papa kakaka

  27. hunter 298 says:

    Big Shaq song

  28. DODA HOSNi says:

    How can I remove injury it's annoying please help me

  29. Matthew Heath says:

    👎🏾As you never play go to Liverpool?

  30. Gaming W/ Nicko says:

    Mans not HOT

  31. Rhys Owen says:

    I got Europe’s best player I at the start of my second season in PEU League

  32. xd_ScorpionX says:

    how mans not hot in this vid this is 2016 not 2017

  33. Elizabeth England says:

    ha not 69 rated ur 1 rating

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