Beach Club Resort Walk Through

Join Pete for a walking tour of the Beach Club at Walt Disney World!

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  1. Daniel Roque says:

    what's up with the feet on the coffee table!!!!!

  2. Brad Sikkema says:

    I’ll be there in 6 months!! Time needs to go faster!

  3. billy bob says:

    I’ve been there a bunch of times never knew about the drawing room.

  4. H Cerretani says:

    I LOVE when Pete is the one narrating the "walk-throughs". He speaks low and calm and gives us just enough info to get a feel for what we are seeing but doesn't talk too much or add too much unnecessary commentary. Thanks for another great glimpse into the Disney resorts Dis team!!! This one is on my bucket list for sure!!

  5. Michelle Iadarola says:

    Home. Can’t wait to get back

  6. KIRK Carney says:

    Enjoyed your video Pete , your from N.J ?

  7. Natalie Whitaker says:

    I've been a going to BCV for 17 years and never noticed the sea horse chandeler!  Martha's Vineyard doesn't open until 5pm, and they have a  trivia time.  They have a decent bar menu.  We went there a couple years ago on our arrival day after a long day of travel and Epcot then unpacking.  I was happy to just be able to pop down there for a quick bite without having to walk or travel any more for the day!

  8. njt002 says:

    This was a good idea.

  9. vedekbarb says:

    One does not go to Beaches and Cream for diet food. One goes to Beaches and Cream to attempt The Kitchen Sink without assistance.

  10. Terri M says:

    Favorite resort at Disney! This is our home DVC resort and we still love going back every year. It is absolutely beautiful and so close to Epcot and DHS. Great video – thanks for sharing

  11. Josh White says:

    Great job Pete! Resort is beautiful.

  12. Marshall H says:

    Was there for 10 nights just last week. Was great.

  13. Eric B. says:

    Best resort I ever tried at WTW ! It really feel like vacation and the area near Epcot is great as well !

  14. Jennay16 says:

    My absolute favorite resort! The location, pool, smell of the lobby and the restaurants are great!

  15. Patricia Jackson says:

    DFB always recommends eating at Beaches and Cream, but they fail to mention that reservations are 6 mos out. We tried to eat there this past June. We love the Boardwalk Villas, because we are from Philly. I used to spend summers in Wildwood NJ. If you get a chance, cross the bridge and try Ample Hills ice cream.

  16. Anthony Oneto says:

    Looks beautiful!

  17. Jeff Barkee says:

    Hard to hear.
    Microphone issues??

  18. Scotty Ballgame says:

    Good to see Pete with his shadow tagging along

  19. Susan Zahn says:

    Just looking at the couch at 0:29 and 1:52, I'm against left asking "Who do they design this lobby furniture for, giants?" Just look at how deep those chair are. It's absolutely uncomfortable for anyone shorter than 6'. You can't sit all the way back without your feet sticking out like a child, and there's not enough extra pillows to provide back support if you sit forward. Is it to deliberately keep people from hanging out in the lobby?

  20. MrRobBruckner says:

    Great job Pete😊

  21. Laura Brehm says:

    When did you film this? I thought Beaches an Cream was closed for refurbishment beginning early Aug. Has it been postponed? This restaurant is currently unavailable for reservations.

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