BASIC vs INTERMEDIATE vs EXPERT | Minecraft: Survival Starter House

Comparing the different building levels for a survival start house. Which one are you?

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Shaders: BSL Shaders

Mods & Plugins Used:
Replay Mod
World Edit

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Artist: Lakey Inspired

Song List:
00:00 – Arcade
01:28 – Chill Day
03:40 – By the Pool
06:13 – Saydee
08:41 – Doing Just Fine
11:26 – This Feeling

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  1. TrixyBlox says:

    What other things would you like to see me do this with?

  2. Cheyenne Raney says:

    Villagers could NEVER!

  3. Arterexius says:

    I wouldn't really call the expert for an expert build. I'd personally call it intermediate, but I'm also a big builder, so I understand the distinction. But it looks great none the less 🙂

  4. TyM _002 says:

    What shaders do you use? They’re really nice 👍

  5. Justin Ramirez says:

    We need the coordinates of that world, it looks so pretty!

  6. DavisH Mayo says:

    I mistook this for a tutorial and am keeping that second level house as my main house for my new world

  7. Crimson Cloud says:

    TrixyBlox: I want to start with the basic version of the house, nothing too crazy

    Me 20 seconds later: HOw dO you DO thIs

  8. Estela Cisneros says:

    I like how u don't use noob pro and God u have earned a subscriber

  9. Grant Ellifrits says:

    As a ps4 player watching your videos, im jealous at how good this can look on pc

  10. Finicky says:

    Can you Teach us how to become intermediate builders i wouldnt even be able to build this in creative unless i follow a picture

  11. Cher Ait says:

    I think my base is between intermediate and expert (more expert)

  12. Erick Bellelis says:

    Make a tutorial of the 3 houses pls

  13. GreatMCGamer says:

    Everytime I start building.. I forget that there's different kinds of trapdoors…
    Not to mention those fire things… and lanterns…

  14. Jong Kwan Kim says:

    That’s not a starter house.

  15. FlawlessGuy says:

    it’s a starter house..

  16. julia potato says:

    Omfg the ads I think I got like 20

  17. Aleksandra Garnysz says:

    Bruh bruh brug bruh


  18. youri jevriend says:

    i am still a experienced mc builder but not close to a pro

  19. drag0nblight says:

    Pretty much achievable. Nice roof design, very different from what I have seen before.

  20. Raybone18 says:

    Tutorial pleeeease!!!

  21. Hayden Wilson says:

    please make the second house a tutorial it looks cool

  22. ChaosXnY says:

    gonna need a lot of campfires

  23. Itumeleng Tsoela says:

    name of the seed please anyone or just a random super flat seed

  24. V0LT!GE X says:

    I cant even build as good as the first Building after 10 years of mc

  25. Star Filia says:

    honestly this was like watching Pewdiepie's first house to his second house to his house now.

  26. Jordan Campbell says:

    Me: 1 ok basic, 2 hmm.. Kinda challenging, 3 HOW IS THIS A STARTING HOUSE!

  27. Ruairi Pro says:

    It took you long enough to make the basic

  28. Tyler Ryan says:

    I make expert levle houses at the start

  29. Uber Sqiddd says:

    “So here’s some cool houses”

    “But I’m going to build em so fast that replicating it is impossible”

  30. Leon Krasilya says:

    What shaders r u using?)

  31. Kage Luke says:

    This reminds me of when I started mine craft (basic) when I got the hang of it and about when I beat the game(intermediate) and now (expert)

  32. xLH0 0 says:

    Please do a tutorial on the Expert level house

  33. Mat Flips says:

    What shaders is he using actually tho?

  34. Hinckley Coleman says:

    TrixyBlox is master of detail

  35. Jay-pro Gaming Awesome says:

    I’m a basic builder, because I have no idea of creativity

  36. cloudboy steezy says:

    youre my new favorite builder

  37. MarcusCreates says:

    Mate, I’d love to see a tutorial for that expert house, it’s amazing.

  38. Kakatua _Br says:

    someone have the map for download?

  39. BbuddyBraden Elswood says:

    he's like the BOB ROSS of minecraft

  40. Robin FABREGOUL says:

    What shaders do u use!>!?!?!

  41. Trevor Bagwell says:

    Challenge: Take a shot every time he says what not

  42. Jalk says:

    This is not accurate. The basic house is how 95% of the minecraft players build and the last one is how the 0,01% builds.

  43. Slushy Gamer says:

    Uhh how good at building r u if u r worse than basic

  44. Lachlan O'Connell says:

    I suck at building houses

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