1. Pat Cool says:

    Soooooo underrated

    BTW:I’m talking about TD

  2. Tyler Hallead says:

    I have Barry powered up to a 92

  3. ZEG Trixx says:

    The reason your still on defense is because he touched out of bounds while he picked up the ball which would make the ball out of bounds so it’s his ball

  4. Ben Murray says:

    Emmit smith

  5. Seth Nicklaus says:

    The first game was Bary Sanders vs Lamar Jackson

  6. Laura Eklund says:

    Emmitt Smith

  7. Dylan Burks says:

    I need to find a way to pick up a sanders or Dickerson haha they seem so fun to play with

  8. Cole Ritter says:

    You missed the tackle bc he juked you ass and you suck at madden

  9. Larry The evil monkey says:

    Big dick berry!!!

  10. Jaime Leal says:

    Make a Dak Prescott mut squad

  11. Hamers #87 says:

    gotta get TD to 1m subs

  12. Ethan Blanchard says:

    That card is broken as fuck they probably will nerd him…..

  13. Julius Hopen says:

    Bold of you to assume that Madden wasn’t already broken

  14. Reid Valentine says:

    eric dickerson

  15. Jennifer Nugent says:

    Funny thing is Barry sanders was breaking tackles better than Jim brown

  16. Young Savage says:

    I’m trying it man TD is the goat and the best YouTuber

  17. Gavin Green says:

    Can you please add any Texans player I don’t care who it is. Please like this if you want to see a Texan on his team👍

  18. Ace Hardy says:


  19. WWTAGRAVENFOX TomBradyTheGoat12 says:

    Great video TD

    Pick Emmitt Smith please 🥰

  20. WWTAGRAVENFOX TomBradyTheGoat12 says:

    Wow I've never seen TD rage quit when he was winning before

    First time for everything 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Alyson Monson says:

    Emmit smith

  22. Nathan Sered says:

    Jim brown

  23. OG_Yeet69_Y T says:

    TD: Maybe cause I’m the greatest madden player ever

    Also TD 30 Seconds later: And u Just missed the tackle cause I’m bad

  24. Jhon Barns says:

    TD:Out here breaking records 11 carries 347 yards sheesh

  25. Martin r says:

    Jim brown or Eric Dickerson

  26. Corey Matthews says:

    noooo y did u quit the first game don't do that no more please

  27. Americas Team says:

    No more passing in Madden 20 unless you’re in 4th and long lol

  28. Lil Buckets says:

    Video 6 of asking for a franchise

  29. Emmett Wiley says:

    Why are some of his players pictures not loaded in

  30. The Fortnite Goat says:

    Pick up Erik Dickerson next.He is literally insane

  31. ruffcombat says:

    You need to make a video with TD Barret

  32. brett benecke says:

    No money spent and is better than most youtubers what a goat

  33. Aidan Tracy says:

    Eric Dickerson

  34. The goo 23 says:

    jim brown

  35. Ty-key Moore says:

    @TD let me get some coins bro it’s hard out here lol

  36. ItzEhc33 says:


  37. Carter VanHouten says:

    eric dickerson

  38. Kolsen Papon says:

    That X factor is so OP. I’m no money spent so I’m not even gonna be close to affording it

  39. Jared 18 says:

    Eric dickerson

  40. Henry Lions says:


  41. Monkey Roronoa says:

    Or Eric Dickerson

  42. Monkey Roronoa says:

    Jim Brown

  43. GamingPasta says:

    When I go against that Barry I run cover 6 and it works fairly well
    (My team is an 87)

  44. Simon Hoffman says:

    Use eric

  45. MERK Loco says:

    I can’t believe my defense is better than TD’s

  46. Don Carlos Alvarez III says:

    Next you should get Emmit Smith TD!

  47. Ymg_zay_15 _ says:

    So after u run this weekend away can we get some gameplay with odell bc he haven’t been getting much real life gameplay with baker at qb

  48. R6 TrashCans says:

    Do Emmet Smith

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