20 thoughts on “Backup and Restore: Active Directory and Windows 2008

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  2. I thought what you explained was clear and I like that you took several approaches. However, I am still confused about AD. Can I make the smaller system state backup that you mentioned and restore AD from that? Also, does all of this apply to 2008 R2 as well? I use Acronis, which is similar to Ghost. It corrupts AD on the restore. So I'm looking for a way to ensure that I can restore AD once I have restored the disk image of the server. Thanks in advance, Bill.

  3. Fully properties in the case of the collapse of the hard drive
    And retrieval system, as in the  Restore

    can you help me


  4. @Nowa: Sneaky MS requiring R2 to get the graphical restore AD process.  If you have the older version, you must use the command prompt.

  5. Excellent tutorial, but the title says "backup Active Directory", and no AD, do you have one tutorial of this (users, groups, OU, etc)?

  6. excellent video and explanations, now i fully understand all the steps and ways to backup and restore active directory and restore a system state. many thanks.

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