ART Tik Tok Compilation | 6 Minutes of Tiktok Artists Created


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  2. queen raini says:

    what was that aquafina tab thing lol

  3. isis Villegas says:

    Minuto 3:40 cual es la cancion?? Y tambien la de 4:48

  4. Humble Bee says:

    3:16 does anyone the sonh

  5. Rena Whitlock says:

    3:30, what is that song? i swear i can’t get it out of my head

  6. Mary Houlihan says:

    What is the song at 3:50?

  7. ProudprincessZoey The Fashionista says:

    Thank you!
    For giving her a top

  8. Fun With Mia says:

    You are wrong for 6 minutes because I went on my clock and it was 5 seconds

  9. giu sempai says:

    0:58 song/canción?

  10. BasilMsp says:

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    Tik Tok compilation videos:👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕

  11. I love MUSIC says:

    5:28 song? Please

  12. Bonnie Hoshi says:

    What is the song in the minute 00:58 ? Plis

  13. Agathe R says:


  14. Scorch The sand-skywing says:

    Good job

  15. Rocío Bernal Arenas says:

    The girl that did the friends one USED A BLOW DRYER ON A COMPUTER 😫😫😫🙄🙄🙄

  16. Rocío Bernal Arenas says:

    The girl that did the friends one USED A BLOW DRYER ON A COMPUTER 😫😫😫🙄🙄🙄

  17. Noel Bastuba says:

    does anybody know what app they use for the textures in most drawing vids?

  18. Caitlyn Zeferino says:

    3:15 that's a goddess cat!!

  19. CHICKEN NUGGET says:

    Why did they ruin x’s song

  20. Andrea Torriente says:

    0:58, amazing! ❤

  21. efwea says:

    3:16 why does that look like a lion

  22. Natasha Ramos says:

    music 3:51?

  23. Belen Gonzalez says:

    0:27 song?

  24. Shawnpeterraulmendes Isanangelsentfromheaven says:

    3:24 MY MAAAAAAN

  25. Skip Luker says:


  26. Darwin Waterson says:

    Name of music ? 2:45

  27. chipmunksugarshadow says:

    You should check out sketchbook_gurl on tik tok

  28. Carys P says:

    Who also clapped when the friends came on

  29. J - Pope says:

    The painting tiktoks are taking over.

    i’m an adult virgin

  30. lil jimmy says:

    If one of my friends took my expensive ass stuff like airpods and painted it, I wouldn't be friends with anymore 😌

  31. Andrea Gallego says:

    On 0:28,XXXTentacion 😆🤪❤️👍

  32. Ace Hardy says:


  33. メVHVメ says:

    1:26 I like the fact they used a caravan palace song <|o_o|>

  34. garzo ___99 says:

    I like

  35. Aleatório e mais says:

    Stop with the sunsets, please! They are so easy to do, anyone can do, even if you don’t know how to draw, they are too boring, at least in my opinion, if you want to draw, then GO LEARN, not copy easy things from the internet/use tutorials and say it’s your own art, it’s not!!!

  36. Kyara Calderon says:

    so no one told you life is going to be this way clap clap clap clap

  37. jannet sánchez says:

    💗♡Chlorine ||-//☆💗

  38. Unicorn Euge says:

    Music plz 0:00–0:13

  39. LusicFox says:

    Very nice😌.

  40. two little zeflingz says:

    What's the song at 3:36

  41. BERG says:

    Music?? 00:13

  42. * P4N0RAMA* says:

    I hate those indian art tik toks…………..

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