Ariana Grande REACTS to TikTok Look-Alike!


  1. deltavagen says:

    that is scary

  2. Lolololo lololol says:

    If I was Ariana I'd hire her and just send her to events I dont wanna attend

  3. Tea Celebrity says:

    She is 14 just saying

  4. bangtan vibes says:

    It's creepy!

  5. Tan Simon says:

    I saw Paige on tik tok before… i thought it was Ariana Grande so I followed her on tik tok😂😂

  6. Paradoxclpz says:

    She is like your tin

  7. Butlcl001 says:

    When your life is so bad you have to do weird shit like this. Please be yourselves.

  8. haru zein says:

    Why does she look better for some reason….

  9. Just a Bruin says:

    how pathetic that they are using 'reactionary' footage of Ariana from old ass interviews that are NOT about this. ugh.

  10. Alissa Rose says:

    Y'all know she 15

  11. Joe Momma says:

    Lmao!!! In that last pic, she looks more like Ari than Ari herself.

  12. Miranda Panda says:

    Wow. She looks nothing like her without the makeup. But its insane how shes literally her twin when she puts the glam on. She looks more like Ariana than Ariana does the videos, lolol. No one can compare to the real Ariana though and BTW thats not her real voice!

  13. Kiana Renee says:

    I think Ariana is just sick of the cat voice

  14. sahar lunae says:

    well, maybe she didnt get any surgeries done, but i'm pretty sure i saw one of her tiktoks that she had a piercing where her dimple should be, which made her look exactly like ariana :/

  15. Ariana says:

    She look like Ariana but her nose is not👃

  16. Marie Mesbah says:

    I believe in doppelganger now ! I wonder if she can say ' thank you neeeeeeeext yeaaaah ih '

  17. Ty Stewart says:

    Maybe she's just a fan. Lol.

  18. Skckskkm Fkgksksm says:

    A girl that looks more like her is lilpatti on insta and tiktok

  19. f limoo says:

    I'm not offended or anything I'm not even Arianas fan, but tbh if she put her mind in finding sth special in herself and go with that she could have been a celebrity or someone special instead of being someone else's stan double. I'm sure she can do better by just being herself.

  20. Sup Dude says:

    Looks identical to me!!

  21. It’s Billieboi says:

    Looks like an uglier version of ari

  22. husk kie says:

    before the look a like i know were GABI , that jess girl,, and last year emery this …atleast gabi Found her own "SELF" ..but this peige guuuuurl 15 looking like she's the same age as ari

  23. Tornadosplash44 says:

    Omg I heard of her!!!!!!! I honestly thought it was her!!!!!!!!

  24. liverunninG says:

    Not really is mostly makeup

  25. ma ri na says:

    she should be herself lmao

  26. deathnote says:

    She looks nothing like her without the make up though. I've seen one video where an Asian lady looked like Taylor Swift with make up. Now that shit was scary, even scarier then this.

  27. Iforgetmygoogle Account says:

    If Ariana ever needs a double, look no further

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