Appliance Shopping Advice *Don’t Buy Samsung!*

I am just fed up with Samsung so we’re going appliance shopping in Thailand. Guide to where and which brand of appliance to buy in Bangkok Thailand. Bangkok Shopping and Living Advice.

Will be releasing a Longer Shopping Video covering power buy and power mall electronics store in Bangkok later this week so please stay tuned 🙂

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  2. SweetPoodle says:

    appliance = Lg
    Phone = Samsung
    Korean thoughts.

  3. ask me says:

    i dont buy hyundai either. they are pos in the states

  4. Cj Osorio says:

    Im a product specialist of samsung ur problem is very easy . the korean brand samsung is ok it depent to the user lols

  5. Google One says:

    My panasonic washer I bought back in 1992 just died, I replaced it with an LG which almost caught on fire just after one month.

  6. Mohammad AlEidi says:

    It works in my house all. A/c is bad yes, rest is fine

  7. Ernest Kwok says:

    Sh!t, didn't know another Samsung hater exist on Earth!! High five! I have had 2x mobiles, 2x washing machines, 1x microwave oven broke down on me! I had replaced everything with LG, Panasonic, Sony products! I only have a sole surviving Samsung tablet that work longer than 2 years. Oh.. my HP laptop went dead too.. it had a samsung hard drive in it. 😭

  8. Michael W says:

    Well, I do not think that Samsung is going to be placing an ads on this particular video……;-)

  9. Way Beyond Padthai says:

    That's actually pretty funny it came out of you,Korean 😀 Weird you have problems with the microwave oven too as it's supposed to be one of the best in the market!

  10. The Specialist says:

    Avoid Samsung at all costs, you can use the money for the repairs on something nice and worth it bro🤔😎

  11. Sarabeth Wong says:

    It's not the brand. Companies will actually sell similar looking products that are much worse quality to keep the price lower for the 3rd world. For example, Toyota and Honda cars sold in Singapore are made in Thailand and do not conform to safety regulations of Europe or the US. They look similar but they use cheaper steel, old mechanicals, etc so a Toyota Corolla in the US may be good quality and reliable but a Toyota Corolla in South East Asia is garbage by comparison. That's just the way it is if you live in a 3rd world country and Thailand and Singapore are 3rd world countries, no matter what their governments say.

  12. Jack Mercer says:

    Samsung flat screen TVs have spy cams built in. hackers had been spying on my relatives with these spyware in the US. I tried to warn them but they think I'm a conspiracy theorist.

  13. Jack Mercer says:

    your Army Engineer side is showing, no BS allowed 😀

  14. Etienne Julius says:

    Thank you for your honest opinions.

  15. B Angel Ka says:

    Japan brand better

  16. Angrybirdii says:

    I only buy japanese cars made in Japan only. They have the best quality because japanese demand the best quality.

  17. Lk M says:

    The water heater may not be sized for the wire that supplies it. The fuse (breaker) may be to small.

  18. elfacisco says:

    if you buy because of price, don't be surprised when it breaks often

  19. Yong Xing says:

    USD $400 for the washing machine is a great deal

  20. Sun-ho Kim says:

    Buy LG, not Samsung.

  21. Sun-ho Kim says:

    LG is best for most household appliances, not Samsung. TV and A/C, buy LG, not Samsung. Samsung just has more name recognition.

  22. ma96782 says:

    Thanks for the video. I was thinking that "Made in Korea" was gaining on the manufacturing front. But, now that I know about your experience with Samsung?? Well……actually, my lady friend (Korean) told me NEVER to buy a Korean made car. BTW, she only buys Japanese Cars.

  23. Jamie Afshar says:

    I have had so many problems with Samsung

  24. นราวุธ จรเทศ says:


  25. Tzwu M says:

    You won't go wrong if u choose Japanese appliances.

  26. O says:

    Samsung is the Chrysler of appliances: C R A P

  27. Ethan Mandel says:

    Hey Fellow Ethan! From my limited research on Google, it sounds like your electrical outlets may not be grounded properly, or you have a risk of frequency variation, voltage spikes and brownouts. Your main problem may be caused by your outlets not being grounded properly. This is a common problem in Thailand. FYI – Ground is the 3rd prong of a 3 prong power cord. More info: How to ground properly: Even if your condo has a good builder, you should check this yourself. Does BK have a problem with brownouts? Most electronics can handle brownouts and voltage variances just fine (anything with a AC-DC converter, build-in or separate). Motorized (AC, fridge, washing machine) have problems with brownouts. You can fix this by getting a UPS. UPS usually has "line/power conditioning" built-in as well – that fixes the noise problem. Make sure it has a MOV (metal oxide varistor specification). However, you have to replace the battery in the UPS every 2-3 years. I learned about all this from: Is power conditioning snakeoil: It's quite a rabbit hole of research to even understand this stuff, since I don't have any electrical background. TLDR;; Check if your outlets are grounded. Most modern electronics are OK in Thailand. Well-made motorized appliances handle shitty power OK. A UPS can protect appliances from burning out from brownouts. Good luck!

  28. Apichai Jiam says:

    Stick with Japanese brand for appliance.
    My Samsung TV was broken after 1 year warranty a few day.
    Repair shop described problem before I told him.

  29. Nicolas says:

    Corporate wise, Apple has a long way .
    I can tell you at my job we bought Samsung and IPhone and we’ve had bunch of issues with IPhones (unable to activate, cant get email in a timely matter. Zero issue with Samsung. Up to a point where we all regret having chosen Apple. Maybe it was a bad batch, but it was all across Asia. Apple should get away from Corporate customers and concentrate on particulars. So for you it’s ok. But just my 2cents.

  30. Erik Janse says:

    Thanks for the VDO. Very helpful. Electronic appliances are really expensive in Thailand. Last April I did a price comparison with the prices in Europe. On average the prices in Thailand are 30% to 50% higher on electronic appliances. Do you have any idea why? I would expect that for electronic appliances from an Asia brand and which of a Thai brand does not exist, the import tariffs would not be too high. For middle class Thai I guess it is very difficult to increase their living standard some way, when all these "luxury" products are absolutely as well as relatively (compared to Thai buying power) so expensive. Interesting to get your perspective on this. Thanks!

  31. momo esther says:

    Samsung only handphone good as they put all invest in it.. Lg better..
    And Samsung handphone only can use for 2years …as want people buy new!!

  32. Tony says:

    My previous job was fixing LG and Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers. My experience taught me LG is a trust worthy brand. So now I have a LG washer, a LG gas dryer along with a LG electric dryer.

  33. leavelbw says:

    Your water heater temp was not set to max. Did you ever try turning the dial all the way to max?

  34. Nicolas says:

    That day was good for us. The whole staff watched the game in BKK and Raptors won! What a bliss. Great match.

  35. Nicolas says:

    Although (probably) 2 Samsung employees did not appreciated , I did.:)
    The Toshiba you bought was probably Made In Japan vs Samsung made in China. Went to Siam Paragon to a Sony shop and had my eyes on a sound system for 15k. Looked at the back for the spectres Watts, impedance,… and saw Made in China. Total turn off. It’s sad that these giant have to rely on China to stay competitive.

  36. The Specialist says:

    Man it take a toll on you ethan to repair the samsung appliances, can feel how you feel there man😓 I think just go with toshiba, japanese brands are better for their reliability and quality there so what your gf mayu reco there is good bro👍😎

  37. MAX H0202 says:

    I was in Istanbul in a year ago , most of the AC s were SAMSUNG in the apartments and businesses … i never heard any complaints… i am serious…all the best

  38. Jukrapope Jitpimolmard says:

    I have panasonic washer for 8 yrs and still rocking

  39. Restless Mind says:

    LG in Siam. Remember that.

  40. Dennis de Ruiter says:

    I never had any problems with Samsung… only the last thing i bought ( a dishwasser ) im not really happy about.

  41. Aidgebo gotravel says:

    look at facebook market place many used samsung air con on sale for 3000 baht lol panasonic its better i had most of my appliance panasonic it has been working 10 years now i also using LG washing machine it still work i havw only samsung phone though

  42. Omid Ash says:

    My eyes were perfect, six months after buying a Samsung 32" monitor. I end up wearing glass for reading <<< Super UV radiation, one cannot get even from sun 😑 Buy Japanese 1st, Taiwan 2nd, Korea 3rd, Philipine and other Asian 4th, China 5th 😁

  43. magmum1992 says:

    Have u consider German brand?

  44. boilednuts says:

    Dunno about LG bro, my fridge stopped dispensing ice after 13 months. Wish we had more Japanese branded appliances here in the States, I'm so jelly. I buy only Lexus, Toyota here. My Benz was a huge money pit, so after the extended warranty expired (thank God I had that) I quickly went back to Lexus.

  45. Anon Ymous says:

    Come on man you know Japanese is the way to go. You know those Koreans are dodgy/poor quality wannabes! 🙂 Sorry Ethan couldn't resist Go Sony Go Seiko Go Japan Go Team Mayu.

  46. jason eby says:

    This entire post was ruined for me by your reminder of the KD injury. I watched it live and screamed "F@@K!!!" and did it again when they announced it was an Achilles.

  47. โปล์ ดั้มส์ says:

    mmm btw, you our an american … my tv is a samsug and it is a good tv ,, my iphone, ipad and mac is from apple ,, in the past a did have samsug smartphone adge, he only lasted two years, and could not be repaired anymore, from then on I only buy apple. So no thx no Samsung for me also, yup i guess Toshiba is much better guys,, it was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

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