Solution To Fixing Apple iPhone 4S iTunes Error 29 Code.

This repair should be performed only after doing basic troubleshooting like replacing the battery, new data cable ETC.

Remove Battery and check the battery ways, there are 4 caps. Make sure that they are all in place and not damaged or corroded. If they are all in place you will need to replace the PMIC on motherboard. If you see damage to caps then you can simply remove them off a different motherboard and add to the phone you are trying to fix.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this repair you can send it to us for repair, visit website for more details…

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26 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4S iTunes Error 29 Hardware Fix, Microsoldering Solution

  1. Your battery and original friend I have this problem there plus my battery is not original if I do this same process there would solve my friend I am very grateful if you can help me

  2. I don't understand… Jump capacitors ? at 1:34….If you jump capacitors you'll just create a short to ground in my books. On an iPhone, shorting a capacitor on VCC main power line means battery drain and probably issues with U2 and more generally power management.

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  4. please help me, i just recently got my battery replaced and as i tried to update to 9.3.1 it got stuck on connect to itumes and when i connected it shows error 29 … please

  5. hehe yeahh… i don't have a microscope, micro- electronics soldering equipment, and by the time i buy it, i will have spent enough money for several new phones. But thanks for putting my furious problem solving urge to rest. it's 01:00 and i have spent 4 days looking for a solution.
    It was working fine before the IOS update tho, so i can't see why it's not a software issue either.
    I changed the battery 2 weeks ago too. waste of 20£.

    I will have to go to my "local" repair shop, and see if it's worth spending the money.
    3 weeks ago i knew nothing of phone repairs, so atleast i have learned something 😉

  6. We used kingbo flux.. Not the best out there.. We used a heat gun to resolder as the cap is to small to work with a soldering iron.

  7. Hi, i have same problem but i have try to change battery, i have all condesator and i have test him and beep. You have any idea? thanks

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