AoE Definitive Edition – Cheat Codes

Full list of cheat codes:
woodstock – 1000 wood
pepperoni pizza – 1000 food
coinage – 1000 gold
quarry – 1000 stone
reveal map – shows entire map
no fog – removes fog of war
kill# – remove player #
diediedie – defeat all players
home run – automatically win
resign – quick way to resign
hari kari – destroys everything you have
king arthur – birds become dragons
grantlinkspence – animals become alpha/king versions
gaia – control gaia units (no way to reverse this)
steroids – instant building, gathering, and training units
medusa – villagers die and become black riders/catapults
black rider – horse archers become “black riders”
upsidflintmobile – chariot archers move/fire faster
dark rain – archers become “stealth archers”
icbm – ballistas have 100 range
big bertha – catapults replaced by “big bertha” (big blast radius)
jack be nimble – catapults fire villagers/cows
flying dutchman – catapult triremes and juggernauts can move on land
hoyohoyo – priests move faster and have 600 HP
convert this! – creates Saint Francis unit that fires lightning bolts
pow – baby on a tricycle with a gun (babyprez)
stormbilly – Zug209 mech unit
bigdaddy – black car with rocket launcher
big momma – white car with rocker launcher
e=mc2 trooper – nuke trooper (300 attack 88 range)
photon man – laser trooper



Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires Definitive Edition


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  1. Nam Hyuk Chang says:

    How to cheat chat man? I didn't get into cheat message. Can you help to find it?

  2. muhammad abdullahy says:


  3. paco ramon says:

    Palpatine spended 30 years spawing cheatcodes to build the 10.000 Star Destroyers

  4. paco ramon says:

    They changed the "kings animals" because Disney would sued him for the "Lion King"

  5. Jombo says:

    Even as a kid I always knew AoE1 had better cheat codes.

  6. Brandy Amarion says:

    "Another cool way to get gold in 2019 is this one: pretty cool that it works!"

  7. Chocolate Explosion says:

    Convert this!

  8. Commando Jessica says:

    When all of your big daddys get converted

    Uh oh

  9. Goril says:

    Ships on land ?

    Hmm this looks familiar.

  10. Uncle paperoni says:

    man I remember when I used a lot of our lovely photon troopers, always winning by building the monument

  11. OWNAGE 956 says:

    Which game uses tuck tuck tuck?

  12. Zachary Icenhower says:

    I wish they would re-make or upgrade the old stars like AOE game. Or the LOTR one (battle for middle earth).

  13. Zachary Icenhower says:

    I just remember the old ones. Marco, Polo, Black Death, Furious the Monkey Boy, Robin Hood, Who Turned This Thing On etc. Man its been a long time.

  14. CivilCaine says:

    Everyone gangsta until an AI monk converts a nuke trooper.

  15. Yugi Muto says:

    disliked because first 26 seconds were too relatable

  16. TeamAlive2011 says:

    Yo I used to just built what seems roleplay like. One of all things and chill. But I always had 1 or 2 cars yeeting around helping my troops win

  17. DEF Raven says:

    >Hara Kari

  18. felix34ever1 says:

    Dark rain archers remind me of mirage tanks

  19. Naru Celeste says:

    Gods I remember finding out about the Photon Men and just going wild with them because they were just so much fun to use

  20. Dead Man says:

    How to turn this on

  21. Helio Salas says:

    1.000 de comida – pepperoni pizza

    1.000 de oro – coinage

    1.000 de madera – woodstock

    1.000 de piedra – quarry

    Mostrar todo el mapa – reveal map

    Quitar la niebla del mapa – no fog

    Construir al instante edificios, unidades y mejoras – steroids

    Matar a todos los enemigos – diediedie (si no funciona probad con die die die)

    Suicidio general – hari kari

    Ganar la partida – home run

    Lanzar aldeanos, vacas, etc en las catapultas y lanzapiedras – jack be nimble

    Control sobre la naturaleza (se pierde el control de la civilización) – gaia

    Mejorar los magos – hoyohoyo

    Mejorar destructores y catapultas – flying dutchman

    Sacar un deportivo con lanzacohetes – bigdaddy

    Sacar un deportivo blanco – big momma

    Sacar un soldado con arma láser – photon man

    Sacar un bebé con lanzacohetes – pow

    Sacar un hombre con un arma nuclear – E=MC2 TROOPER

  22. punkninjakiwi says:

    I'm gonna get this game just to play with the cheats

  23. Nexus Art Fantastic says:


  24. Mateo Colautti says:

    I miss marco, polo, cheese steak jimmy's, and all the old

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