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26 thoughts on “Antonio Garza makes fun of Emma Chamberlain on tiktok

  1. I don’t watch none of these YouTubers. But it would be funny if someone called that tranny a boy pretending to be a girl. Watch how depressed he’ll get, lol.

  2. Okay but why is no one talking about the fact Emma is a millionaire and has multiple showers in her house yet still doesn’t shower? Y’all on some gross shit getting triggered lmao

  3. It can be a joke when the person being joked about is present during the joke, not when they’re unknowingly filmed. What is so hard to understand about that?

  4. i love shane n all but he has piss bottles in his room and car, why don’t you guys get ur pitchforks out on him

  5. who cares this is her fault for telling her thousands of followers on her social media pages that showering is personal choice and that if i don’t smell bad after three days of not showing i’m not gonna shower if she doesn’t want to be bullied and harassed by this she should of never said those things not saying what benji and jeyjey did was ok just saying she should be used to this bullying by now

  6. Bro if she didn’t tell everyone she “never showers” for months on end this wouldn’t of happened. Of course people are gonna make memes about it so why is everyone so butthurt? I mean this personally is just my opinion I don’t wanna offend anyone but if you told everyone on the internet you don’t shower and have bad hygiene of course you’re gonna get made fun of

  7. I hate how people always say omg I’m so depressed like Emma was going though depression and that’s probably why she failed to shower leave her alone

  8. Weren’t y’all comparing Antonio to Emma and saying how Antonio is better and dragging Emma through her last year? Antonio got popular because people were hopping on the hating Emma train and wanted someone to hype up against her

  9. I actually have no idea what gender Antonio is. Like I would imagine a boy because of the o instead of an a but still. I like them a lot and think they’re hilarious.

  10. how were they making fun of her for smelling bad? it's literally song meme thing, my friends and I say it to one another all the time and just laugh. 😂

  11. lol I don't even find Antonio funny anymore but why are y'all tryna cancel for the same thing u keep saying we- uh oh stinky 🤢🤢🤢

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