Complete walkthrough of the 20th Anniversary edition version of the classic Amiga/Commador game. I made a couple of mistakes but I had recorded too much of the game to re-record so I apologise. I forgot what you had to do at some points but figured since I work it out quickly and complete the whole game in 36 minutes this 1-take version would suffice.

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50 thoughts on “Another World – Complete Walkthrough

  1. Holy shit!!!!! Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to find this game for years, I couldn’t remember the fucking name. I had so many problems with this game, the jumping inside the cave part ( I forgot which one) I could never beat.

    So how in the world would a 8 yr old beat this game.

  2. 7:40 was usually the farthest I'd get (except I usually wouldn't figure out to take the elevator lower first), then the guy behind 3 doors would generally get me since I tried to kill everybody I could. Though 18:10 looks familiar, I remember a pool like that being the ACTUAL farthest I got, years later – and that the game gave me a password for my checkpoint there, though I'm wondering if I did all that prep work first or if I still had to figure it out.

  3. You may not be aware of this, AK, but the gun has a =3rd= setting. To destroy force-fields. You have to power it up even longer.

  4. No doubt the creator (Eric Cachi) was a fan of Dragon Ball. Just think of the door breaking laser beams, the bluringly fast moving alien in the background at 5:49 , and of course the saiyan escape pods at 28:33

  5. Вот делали раньше игры, а сейчас что нельзя придумать на подобии и с хорошей графикой???

  6. I remember renting this game n never got past the swimming up part at the beginning because my genesis controllers port was broke n wouldn't go up

  7. Carnt belive u say it was hard to clear..piss easy game..this n flash back awsome though..flash back a lot harder to clock though…

  8. I Saw this game when a child and I was never able to Go through the very beggining of It. Now watching this game I realized my older brother went Far in the game.

  9. Only thing that really bothered me is, when i press the attack button. I can't STAMP my foot down on those… "Why am i poking theses worms with my toe?"

  10. Invited a friend over from school to show the latest graphics of this game. The intro blew me away so much back on its release i could have teared up in geekiness.

  11. You could use the big blaster more often to destroy their shields in one shot (ah you did that later on) 😀 that jumping system I didn't get it for a long time. So many deaths on those floor-mouths lol

  12. Finally the real music, that low kick reminds me of that Kung Fu game with all those floors lol. I finished this game several times, later on PC much easier than on the Amiga. Good times

  13. There was no "youtube walkthrough" , just trial and error and a lot of unapropriate words for13 yrs old kiddo…I was litteraly dreaming this game…that underground water level…who could create that unholy abomination ?? Not to mention that while thinking about not gargling AGAIN you step on some of those nasty traps or hit your head on hanging worms…yap good ol' times when games were a challenge. Jump on the exactly right pixel or DIE ,again,and again until you master it so the evil piece of code can throw some nastier stuff right in your face…yap and save point is after that,no worries 😊😁😂 just can't picture nowadays generations from 12-18 playing and actually finishing this game,even with youtube instructions 😊

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