A second whistleblower from the OPCW has come forward saying the alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria could have been staged by the rebels to trigger US military intervention. British journalist Jonathan Steele revealed this in an interview on the BBC on October 27, 2019.

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33 thoughts on “Another whistleblower says Syria ‘chemical attack’ may have been staged – rare BBC interview

  1. Did you guys read the so called "intelligence" reports that the US and France declassified at the time to justify bombing Syria? If not please read them. A child could have written a better report. The report by French intelligence was especially problematic as they had not even taken the time to write an original report and had copy pasted much of it from another report the French released after the other chemical attack in Syria (which was carried out by the rebels according to the UN so they were forced by the West not to assign blame and just say that it happened. The person leading the investigation at the time quit in protest.)
    I think it's obvious to every intelligent person that NATO countries, together with Israel and their Arab allies, are hell-bent on the destruction of the world. Had it not been for the Syrian military, the Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq, the quick military response by Iran in both Syria and Iraq, the heavy involvement of Russia in Syria, and the Lebanese Hezbollah protecting Lebanon and fighting in Syria and Iraq, the whole region would've devolved into chaos. You can criticize Syria, Iran, Russia etc for their internal politics, but in this instance they saved the world from the Saudi-inspired/funded, Israeli-trained, NATO-armed caliphate.

  2. No may have,about it,it was definitely staged by the British born so called white helmets,who are funded by British taxpayers,& the British people,like the Americans are either ignorant of it or worse,non caring.

  3. I was one of the loony conspiracy theorists that said at the time it was staged. Where has peoples common sence and critical thinking gone? Assad was winning against the American backed rebels, why the hell would he then gas his own people and send a virtual invitation to the west to then go in and bomb the hell out of the country, really? He wouldn't, end off, it's not rocket science is it. All you people that think America or other countries wouldn't stage this really ought to do some research into how time and TIME AGAIN governments show us that we are nothing but fodder to do the bidding for the corporate elites. Wake the f up.

  4. never forget the CNN reporter sniffing the child's bookbag for a chemical agent 🤣😂🤣😂 the consent must be manufactured…

  5. The fake”War on Terror”is a free pass for the US lsraeI & SA to commit genocide. There is NOTHING “humanitarian” in these oil grabs.

  6. BBC "reluctantly" should be in the title. I think they recognize by this stage in the game that so much information has come out against early BBC reports backing the false assertions that they have to cover their ass now.

  7. Are there still "bad seeds" left at the BBC not entirely dedicated to propaganda for MI6, GCHQ, Integrity Initiative, Atlantic Council etc…?!

    Good news!!

  8. Unfortunately, for some of us, this is not news. Wasn't "News" when it happened either. The whole Syrian, Libyan and even Egyptian "revolutions" was all lies helped along by those who work for the BBC and other mainstream propagandists. I don't trust the BBC Clock!

  9. This US Empire-NATO unilateralism for dealing with global political crises cannot and will not last for many more years. We not only need to go back to involving Russia and China with decision making, we also need to include emerging and reemerging nations including nations like India, Brazil, Iran, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, S Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Argentina, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Cuba, South Africa and Nigeria in the international decision making processes. This is what Sergei Lavrov is saying about the need for a "multi polar world".

    We also need to work to get off oil. Oil is the most toxic and addictive substance known to man. It has been even more of a curse to the Middle East than it has been a blessing

  10. Well, it was kinda obvious after seeing "white helmets" running around there in shirts and naked arms after the "serine" gas attack, which would, putting it bluntly cause them to puke their guts out.
    Or the ridicules CNN reporter sniffing at a red backpack and telling the world " Yes that smelled definitely chemical " as prove for a gas attack.
    Not to mention the obvious idiocy in the act itself especially at a time when the Assad government had basically won the conflict.
    The principles of propaganda have worked for so long … the bolder the lie the better. If it is so outrageously bold and unlikely it will be believe if just for the fact that people think the people coming up with the lie should be better at lying and would never make up something so obviously untrue.Then repeat it as much as possible. This works with everything. Best example is religion.. repeat it often enough and there is literally no limit of what people will believe.

    There are still people believing the first humans were Adam and Eve and their 2 boys (well, one actually) 2000 years of repetition and they still have not figured out that you need more than 2 males to make this work. This is how you make a genocidal psychopath into "the good Lord" or the scam we call government or banking systems into good ideas without allowed alternative.

    Let's face it humans are embarrassingly naive and manipulable.

    Credibility gaps gullibility fills
    Stay safe

  11. Isn't USA the empire of the staging business with Holloway at its heart? Capable of controlling all scenarios around the world.

  12. Anyone with working brain cells knows that Assad never ordered chemical weapon use. The only reason they were ever used was to try to get the USA more involved in the conflict – that was the initial motivation for every single intentional chemical attack in Syria.

  13. Internationally banned chemical weapons are strange. The US, and plenty of other countries use them on their own citizens and nobody bats an eye, but then when we want to prop their use up like it's uncommon, the media latches on and goes nuts.

    We gassed US citizens, on their own land, given to them by a treaty both proposed and violated by the US, and nobody cared. Remember Standing Rock.

  14. No shit, Sherlock. This was exposed over two years ago. It was brushed off as a conspiracy theory. The official story is the real conspiracy theory.

  15. Go back and do the research to see where all the bad stuff that was in Iraq was stashed.
    During the first and second war most of it was buried in Northern Iraq when all the bad asses where running up to Syria. They dug many 70 ft deep holes and dumped all manner of bad stuff down for what they considered safe keeping. They were really just open excavations and they filled back over.
    If you look back at the old news clips you possible might find some reports of this if they haven't been scrubbed from the records.
    They showed it several times back then and afterward nothing was ever said about it.
    It is one of the reasons we will never totally leave Iraq.
    There is enough bad stuff there to whip out the entire middle east and then some.
    You guys call yourselves reporters? Put in some real work and then see if you have what it takes to let everyone know what you find.
    Ask yourselves what else is really missing from the big picture as it pertains to Syria.
    It's fairly simple if you go back far enough.
    The northern border is not the story nor is the southern border.
    Don't think of splitting it in half on the horizontal either.
    The only thing that makes real sense is safe passage north and southern.
    The turkish and the russians are just doing what we could easily do and i mean easily.
    We just don't want to take the rap for killing 700,000 plus people. They on the other hand are in the beginning stages of doing just that over the next couple of years.
    The russians will be in Iraq hard core in less than 3 years. Maybe even China.
    And no, we are not giving up our stake there.
    Have you noticed who is normally running their mouth 24/7 isn't saying a word? That's Iran. Why do you think that Is?

  16. CNN has betrayed both the public and honest journalism to serve a Neoliberal terrorist agenda.
    All who participated in this lie should be laid to rest beside Osama Bin Laden.
    CNN has gassed their own people with lies.

  17. yeah no news here. just a little more proof. Jimmy Dore called it day one. white helmet shenanigans and what not. just another excuse to get the U.S involved as usual.

  18. Another news I learnt from RT months or even years before. They are soon becoming the most trusted news organisation in the world, especially when compared with the BBC and all the American mainstream.

  19. I knew this was a false flag, manufactured and staged event two years ago. I TRIED to tell people and was met with such hate and vitriol it was insane. The CIA has succeeded in brainwashing the masses. There are STILL people out there who think the CIA's narrative is true. I don't think there is ANY hope for 50% of the country. They are brain dead.

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