36 thoughts on “Another TikTok compilation because I have nothing else in life

  1. The Mona Lisa is actually painted by an Italian artist (Leonardo da Vinci) who then gifted the painting to the king of France. Here's my Tedtalk.

  2. when you think about it, tik tok is SUPPOUSED to be a music + video site, so technically, people on tik tok have incredibly good music taste, thank you tik tok for showing me all the good songs

  3. Your videos inspire me so much. It’s so interesting to see how different people create different arts it’s absolutely beautiful

  4. ¿Qué onda con los que pintan su ropa? ¿Si se despinta cuando la lavan o no la lavan? Porque una vez pinté un pantalón y después de la primer lavada (después de usarla quinientas veces) valió heces fecales xd

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