Anna B May – If I Had Wings

If I Had Wings 🦋
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💬 The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
-Paul Valery

🧡 Anna B May

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  1. Jaskaran Singh says:

    I wanted to be here and now I finally am
    It surely feels amazing but I'm waiting for what's next
    Thought that I could break out of this chain
    Exhausted on desires and feeling insane
    Trying to focus but not knowing where to aim
    How am I supposed to get rid of this sentiment to claim
    I have felt everything but not this sort of mundane
    I guess freedom is nothing but the limits in which I can operate

  2. Doctor Terrible says:

    I will fly forever

  3. H1N1 says:


  4. marisa gio says:

    If i had wings they would be white
    As the cotton cloudes on sky;
    They would be as angels have
    To spread marvellows signs
    To all people are around
    This beauty universe above.
    Thank this channel that give me wings to my mind!!💞🌬🌅🥰

  5. Width.Sound Music says:

    So good ❤️🙏

  6. たけし大きい says:

    Relajante, muy relajante

  7. Evelyn Peña says:

    The sky is only infinite for the bird behind bars.
    Free yourself from all the barriers and spread your wings..

    Love For Everyone ❤

  8. Anna B May says:

    Thank you all for listening 🦋 Thank you Ambient for sharing! Much love 💙

  9. TRichmond1964 says:


  10. Dave Klez says:


  11. Kozmik Karınca says:

    Omg i found a treasure 😉

  12. Anonobody says:

    What a brilliantly somber yet hopeful sound. Like someone gaining wings at a cost greater than they may have bargained for.

  13. Zimran Venter says:

    As someone with no purpose in life so far other than be a tool kicked around between family then being reminded how useless I am, Where do I fit in, in all this.

    As someone who wants to escape his life and start something and make a change in the world, Who do I turn to for a helping hand?

    Not a life of luxury. Not gifts and money. Just a chance to be productive and make something of myself instead of this … wasted existence.
    Sometimes the music helps block out those questions. Sometimes it just provides a soundtrack to them.

  14. Bálint Borsós says:

    After looking at the quote all I can say is, Solarstone confirmed.
    Maybe it's just me..?

  15. THE BLACKCAT says:

    first Kerala comment 🎵

  16. Despyzi says:

    lovely <3

  17. Israel Ajala says:

    If I had wings I’d fly high up above the clouds , far and deep into the sunset bliss

  18. Nonekc says:

    Last 🙂

  19. Felt Devil says:

    Me first what about others

  20. sherif matt says:


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