Today Dominic reviews the new AMD Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT Navi GPUs. They recently got a price drop ahead of launch, so just how good are they – are they now better value than Nvidia’s RTX SUPER cards? We find out today.
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50 thoughts on “AMD Radeon RX 5700 & RX 5700 XT Review – should Nvidia be worried?

  1. The real question for me is not gaming. The 5700XT looks great for me for gaming. The concern is video editing (esp. Premiere Pro which in the recent past has been optimized for CUDA). I have a INTEL i7 3770K with NVIDIA 1050 Ti sytem now which I will be upgrading to AMD or INTEL. I will have to decide between the 5700XT with 3700X and NVIDIA 2060 Super or 2070 Super with i7 9700K.

  2. Why is nobody benchmarking Performance in produktivity like blender rendering? They're hiding the RX Navi Card against the Vega 64

  3. Bruh i was about to buy these cards until I read that they only will support dx12 games for multi gpu. Thats useless to me for my game library so i can run my 3 monitorz

  4. These cards were not positioned on the market to go against the Super cards. They were positioned to compete against the vanilla 2070 and 2060. Why are you spreading disinformation?

  5. If you're going to praise Ray Tracing, why don't you bench mark with RTX on? Yip thought so, RTX is a gimp tech and not worth the extra £100

  6. Ray tracing is a cute niche feature for a handfull of titles, nothing that really matter at the 3dollar price point dollar price point when you look for value.

    Once the AIB cards with better cooling hit the market the RX 5700 XT is an easy choice over the Rtx 2070 Super.
    If you want to really get more performance, get the 2080ti or maybe the 2080 super once it releases.

    GJ from AMD, Taking back the 300-500 dollar range.
    Looking forward to the BIG navi chip next year.

  7. I know pricing is still too high, but at least we're making some progress… having 1080TI level cards (depending on the title and clocks) in the 5700XT and 2070S for around 400-500 (with several new interesting features and encoding improvements) is better than the situation 6 months ago. That's for sure.

  8. In one word response to your Title. The answer is no. RX 5700 XT maybe $100 less, but it is still a slower Graphic Processor (On Most Titles) to RTX 2070 Super and does not have Ray Tracing or DSSL Support (Hardware Support) By 2020 most Triple A Titles will have some form of Raytracing Support. Both PS5 and Nex Gen XBOX will have Raytracing supported as well so that mean most software manufactures are going to include support for Raytracing.. That is worth $50 by itself. The Reason AMD lower the cost last minute is because they knew at the original sale price those Cards would sit on shelves.

  9. Good value then, shame AMD didn't allow aftermarket boards to arrive within a week or so, instead we have to wait until August 🙁

  10. How many games was released Last year and how many of those games Have Ray-Tracing support (Hint its less than 1% of total released)

    How many games will be Released This year that support Ray-Tracing we might get up to 2% if we are lucky so what is the point in Ray-Tracing marketing

    Conclusion Ray-Tracing is still a gimick not an actual fully supported graphical effect so unless we get into the 10%'s of supported titles Ray-Tracing remains not good selling point. Its all about Price VS performance at that point. (Nvidia wins on pure power AMD wins on Value per dollar) and i would have interested of actual viewpoint in High Resolution gaming 2k -4k -8k is 5700 series good enough to do 4k gaming or do you still need 2080 ti to do it well?

  11. Planning on building my pc this month so should I just get the 5700xt or I kept hearing people talk about a new design for the 5700xt so should I wait for that and how long would it be?

  12. In conclusion. Everyone who buys new reference cards without water cooling them is an idiot. Wait for AIBs. Navi is better performance per $.

  13. I seen videos and information about asrock b450 and msi b450 motherboards work perfect with 3700x same scores as the x570 motherboards no need to get x570 motherboards only if you need pcie4 ssd fast speed.just my 2 cents.

  14. They better fix that OC stuff, and not just blowing hot air (pun). I want to put one of these under water in the next few weeks.

  15. I want to buy the 5700xt, but I am worry about the noise levels and warmth. How would you say does it compare (noise, warmth) to a classic PS4?

  16. Thank you KitGuru for the review, I hope you kept in mind certain games favor Nividia and certain games favor AMD, and that is partially where you're seeing swings in performance between brands. Also to be mentioned is DX11 vs DX12, this will also impact AMD more than Nvidia, because most of those titles are coded in DX11. Moving forward as newer games come out it will be DX12 and Vulkan, which will level out things making performance across titles smoother for AMD.

  17. no raytracing! no deal! can't immagne playing without it anymore! It looks so great and beautiful. everyone without raytracing should be ashamed of himself!

  18. I wouldn't worry about the games for which Navi performs a bit less at the moment. It seems that the drivers are not mature once again, 6-12 months from now I expect substantial improvement. Obviously the aftermarket cards with much better cooling will also help a lot, AMD really screwed it up again by putting that blower cooler on it. Yes, in theory you can make good blower coolers, in reality all those blower coolers which AMD uses for their reference cards suck.

  19. Great news that AMD have pulled it off. I can't wait for the next iteration of RDNA, after a little maturity and the ecosystem having been established with all the other device platforms, it should prove a top contender(unless Intel's XE…🤔.).
    I'm seeing some pretty good 4K results so far too, It's no wonder the consoles are using the tech AMD has developed(it's a custom chip, so not quite the same).
    I think I'll deffo be getting the R9 3950X on the X570, but sticking with the GTX 1080 Ti I got cheap a few months ago……and then slipping in the next stepping GFX cards with RDNA when they release. 🙂

  20. Perfect. Basically a vanilla 2070 for a (more) reasonable price.
    Nvidia could have had that sale if they had priced the card correctly in the first place.

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