Oct.28 — Microsoft Corp. shares rose to an intraday record after the company scored a major victory in securing a milestone, $10 billion Pentagon contract for cloud computing services. Amazon.com Inc. is considering a challenge to the award of the contract to Microsoft’s much smaller Azure business, citing President Donald Trump’s interference in the bidding process, according to a person familiar with the matter. Bloomberg’s Naomi Nix has more on “Balance of Power.”

source: https://goindocal.com/

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45 thoughts on “Amazon May Contest Microsoft’s Controversial $10 Billion Pentagon Contract

  1. News reporters contradict themselves, now either Trump put his time on the scale or the pentagon follows strict protocol and is not political, you can't have it both ways

  2. What does it say about your corporation when you're mad that you didn't get a contract to help America kill foreigners and spy on its own citizens?

  3. Amazon should contest. Amazon was the clear winner. Due to trump's jealous, obviously this is an abuse of power which is in public record. Trump should not have interfered. Furthermore, the 33ml. dollar contract Trump's Brothers company won from the government should be investigated. This is reminiscent of the AT&T merger when Trump tried to get involved. This is a blatant "ABUSE OF POWER".

  4. FUCK AMAZON…. Bezos gets richy rich off the labor of uneducated slaves. He needs to unionize warehouse workers and put them on paths to success, not a path straight to poverty

  5. Gen Mattis had giving this contract to Amazon 4 $10billion. why Microsoft- Bill GATES- human existence killer- baby killer all around tge wirld. i do nit consent to either. why dontvwe gavenour very iwn system.

  6. So Amazon is mad that they aren't the #1 monopoly company in the U.S, or world? Microsoft has been around for decades and innovated alot more than YOU Jeff Bezos… Sit down and have respect for Microsoft.. You wouldn't exist without them. You've got your shot and Microsoft still is worth more.

  7. Who the hell cares. Bezos makes enough damn money and Bill Gates does to but he does more than enough for the world and environment than Jeff selling $9.95 LED Lights imported from China

  8. My question is why the hell does the pentagon need cloud computing? I don't trust that shit for my stupid ideas, so why the hell would the pentagon do this? Its like they want to get hacked or some shit.

    Oh, that makes sense. trump and his boys are under allegiance to Putin. Why wouldn't they arrange to have every single part of pentagon info more hackable. They already did that financially with school funds, medical funds, heck, even tried to do it with funds for the wall and space force.

    These needs to be prevented. Cloud info is stored on their networks. Its bad enough they have access to our networks at home, last thing you want to do is sign a contract that states they can now legally copy your shit and steal your ideas.

  9. What you should be pursuing is pushing server farms and other software based industries to where there is a SUPPLY of labor. Thousands of manufacturing and farming jobs are being lost to technology and outsourcing. There is an workforce that can be accessed. Not building internet industries in old steel towns and automotive cites is foolish. There is a cheep building with heavy power supply and infrastructure already in place. And hundreds of people ready to gut and rebuild the interior to make it useful to the technology industry.
    The internet doesn't care about location, that is the biggest advantage it has. The tech industry pushes into crowded areas with strict zoning laws. Anyone can learn how to use computers. I bet the guy that lost his job is willing to learn a new skill if it will put food on his table. Just foolish. You turn away from dedicated workers to pander to others.
    I watch day in and day out as wealthy people look at money and say, "I don't want any of that." I do not understand your stupidity.

    To the "well what are you doing?" people: Guarding all of you, I like it.
    Business looks and feels like being a pit with slimy eels, worms and maggots. Hard pass, I don't want money bad enough to feel gross every day of my life.

  10. All things being equal-if Amazon was not the low bidder,then the President could very well influence the decision. As long as protocols were adhered to-too bad,so sad Jeffy,boy.

  11. Most of you to people that are you going to find out that the book is going to be released very soon and to the public and to want to know that I what's going on inside the White House you know but this is like you're really want to know about it is telling the truth but it is your choice to be a like listening very carefully

  12. it does not matter if you like Amazon or if you like Microsoft, politicians (Trump) can not influence these things because they don't like someone.

  13. Jesus, does everyone have to write a book? How many books have been released since Trump's presidency by these political hacks?

  14. Pretty sure that reporter just created a defamation suit for herself by citing heresay of an "alleged" conversation and rumor as factual in defaming the president. What a joke the media has become.

  15. The bigger story is being ignored… The collusion of the Military, Industry, and Government… There's a word for that… Hmmmmm, Military Industrial Complex. This kind of "Legal" corruption is why we are in so many wars on every continent, and the public is being spied on through our technology. This has to end

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