The Power of Three might be making movies! Alyssa Milano reveals to Access Daily hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover that the cast of the iconic 90s’ TV show has chatted about making “Charmed” movies for Netflix. Alyssa shares that she thinks expanding the beloved franchise would be a “great way to celebrate fans” that have stuck around for such a long time. The star also chats about her new children’s book “Hope #1: Project Middle School.

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28 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano Reveals That ‘Charmed’ Movies May Come To Netflix

  1. The four of them need to put any personal indifferences to one side and get those reunion movies in the can. I dont care about their personal feelings for each other they are four actresses who should be able to put magic onscreen for the fans. We deserve a proper ending to the story with Prue getting closure.

  2. please bring the P3 gang back.. Phoebe Page and Piper the real ones.. Leo and the boys.. bring the kids to adults and show them taking over the Charmed history.

  3. I don't like the new charmed. I gave it a chance and watched the first season but it just wasnt it for me. I agree with her they tried to capitalize off the name but changed the whole show! Bring back the OGs please‼‼‼

  4. I still watch charmed since 1998 when it came out I watch it on Netflix twice a year it's my favorite show of all time charmed 1998 fan 4 life 100%

  5. I've seen the reboot of charmed and I actually like it. Sometimes I feel like since it is different it almost feels like it's like an alternate universe from the original Charmed. They do mention an ancestor named Warren just like the original show of charmed . That'd be cool if sometimes Piper and Phoebe crossed over on the CW charmed kind of the way flash and Supergirl and arrow have been crossover. They'd still be the Original just from another dimension alternative universe, that'd be so cool and it would expand the franchise. I love Charmed!

  6. I still watch the original( and in my book the only) Charmed every day! There were so many ways they could have continued the series. I hope they bring them back. Including Prue! I completely agree that the CW capitalized on the name but not the legacy. Its a different show and needs a different name. Bring back the Halliwell sisters!

  7. I really wonder how they wanna continue the story, because of all the future stuff they did on charmed and because of how they've ended it. Of course they can do twists and turns but i really wonder if they will bear in mind what happend on the show or if they do a cut and do new stuff at a certain point of the story. But i hope they stick to the shows stories and we could finally see the future with wyatt and chris and I hope the Actors from back then will be there and they don't have to cast new actors for roles we already had actors for. But Netflix?!. Netflix is known for its quantity rather than quality. And the movie(s) should please become good. There are more streaming services. They should look around before they choose Netflix. But if nobody other wants, then Netflix would be better than nothing.

  8. All of us fans are willing to donate just to make that damn movie happen! I would sell my left kidney just for it! LOL

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