Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 Alienware m15 R2, the new refresh of the gaming laptop with their new Legend design that’s slimmer and lighter. Thanks to our sponsor! Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device: . Use the coupon code “mobiletechreview” to get 10% off Dashlane Premium. The 15” Alienware (also available in a 17” size) has a new look and features Intel 9th gen Core i7 and Core i9 processors, NVIDIA RTX graphics, two M.2 SSD slots, and some sweet display options including full HD IPS 240Hz and 4K UHD OLED. It weighs just 4.75 lb / 2.16kg, but now’s the cooling? Watch our video to find out.
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46 thoughts on “Alienware m15 R2 Review (2019)

  1. I think I’ve made up my mind and going with this one. I want a laptop mainly or work but also crush “serious casual” gaming at a great price. I’m going with 16 gigs of ram, 1080 240 hz, 1tb SSD, and a 2070 max Q. I’ll still keep an eye open for a better deal but razer can’t touch it. I’m open to suggestions though.

  2. Upgradeability for Alienware laptops is better than most, but lack of IO and keyboard options does not justify the price hike I paid $1,600 for an R4 alienware and it was ientical to a G7 but lacked IO, nothing works when plugged into the USB C ports. I can add a second M.2 drive and there is an RGB option too, but the G7 was less than $1000 with the same GPU, CPU, more IO, thunderbolt, working USB C, and full backlit keyboard.

  3. I currently own the Alienware 17R4 with GTX 1070. It seems to me this latest gaming laptop from Dell is actually a step back from my current machine, I was looking whether to upgrade the laptop or go with an external GPU upgrade, also an option from Dell. Needless to say, I wont be switching the laptop!

  4. I can live with soldered ram and 16gb, but no SD card reader! OMG!
    I'm not gonna become Apple user carrying tons of adapters with me.

  5. Don't buy this computer. My keyboard is going in and out after 76 days. After 30 days of tech support you have to send the computer in. They did send a tech to my house to replace the keyboard but he could not because the screws on the inside of the laptop were stripped. WOW — now I have to send it in — story to continue on later. Dell customer service really does suck. I have a video on my channel.

  6. Hey, should I get the R2 with an RTX 2060 or an RTX 2070 MAX Q?? Is it worth the extra 300 bucks? Please reply fast!! Gonna pull the trigger tomorrow

    PS: I'm gonna hook up a 1440p monitor to it

  7. It's not a single channel check at alienware's website the user manual
    it says 2×4 gb
    and 2×8 gb
    both of them are dual channel!!

  8. Is the ram really 1333mhz? Or am I missing something? Most gaming laptops have 2666mhz so why isnt this the same? Is it because its soldered to the mobo?

  9. Ngl I think this looks great. A factory undervolt would be great and ofc upgradeable ram. I got the i7 and 2080 for £2500 so price is very competitive for what it is

  10. this gaming laptop is 1900 and they soldered the ram in omg yikes so not worth it my acer predator helios 300 2019 I just bought has more access then that computer

  11. Purchased my Alienware aurora r4 in 2013, 16gb 1600mhz Ram and I max out everything. Never thought of replacing the ram at all. So I don’t understand the big deal about the soldered ram. All I need is my 1080ti and I’m good with over 100+ FPS in every game.

  12. I think Lisa always posts some of the most informative reviews. This one was particularly helpful as I was looking into getting one of these.

  13. The base model has 8gb of ram IN 2019! My gaming laptop is from 2013 and has 16gb… 8gb is barely enough for google chrome.

  14. Cannot call it a joke because it's not funny. It's super sad. What a piece of trash. Soldering the RAM and WiFi modules to the mainboard and the inverted design shows how nuts this company is. They used to be pretty decent, but they've totally lost touch with the niche market that put their brand on the map. RIP. I cannot imagine anyone that considers their self to be an enthusiast or serious gamer paying money for this on purpose. I pity anyone that would buy this without first doing their homework.

  15. In short it's not worth buying for gaming or content creation else it's a beautiful laptop that's it

    We need practical one at such price

    This is area 51m wanna be that's all and it does every thing bad 😭

  16. soldered ram is ONLY VIABLE if it is upgradeable from the factory AND in dual channel configuration
    without that it's a no

  17. Returning mine, because of No upgradable RAM, the bright webcam LED on my model, the glossy plastic on the top, bottom and all around the screen. If I don't undervolt it, it runs at 100C while gaming. And the alienware software kinda sucks.

  18. So Dell flipped the motherboard, soldered the RAM, reduced the battery size, and somehow still made a laptop that is chunkier and hotter than the competition?

  19. yesterday i was about to buy it but then i was thinking about how expensive it is so i got a different gaming laptop from dell

  20. Can't lie. the aesthetics are the most beautiful around. but in terms of design and hardware, what a waste. Very expensive in my country and it is made worse when compared to the what the competition offers at a lower price. Don't know what they were thinking with the soldered ram. It would be very very difficult to justify to spend premium cash on this one.

    Alienware has been hurting since the first m15 was released.

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