Alienware Area 51m Thermal Testing, Overclocking and Undervolting

How hot does the Alienware Area 51m get with the Intel i9-9900K desktop grade CPU and Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics? This thick desktop replacement is packing some seriously powerful specs inside, but how well does it perform and what sort of throttling is expected?

In this testing we’ll take a detailed look at performance, see when thermal and power limits get hit, and find out what can be done to improve gaming performance and temperatures.

I’ll investigate undervolting, overclocking, and show you how hot the laptop gets while gaming and under combined CPU and GPU stress test with different settings, let you listen to total system fan noise, test with a cooling pad and see hot spots with a thermal camera.

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i9-9900K + RTX 2080:
I7-8700 + RTX 2070:

Check out my full review of the Alienware 51m here:

You can find out more about the cooling pad I used in the video here:

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  1. Jarrod'sTech says:

    I heard today that the new m15 R2 should be available later this week for me to borrow.

  2. ZenSack says:

    Do you know if there will be in the future a GPU higher than the RTX-2080 for this laptop?

  3. shuiep dobab says:

    Me in 2030:hhahag my 500$ laptop beat that easily 🌚👍

  4. wesley lewis says:

    the 9900k is the only model that is too expensive and gets too hot the 8700k and 9700k run cooler they are cheaper

  5. wesley lewis says:

    the 9700k is also the top end model right sorry if that sounds stupid

  6. Soca Boy says:

    What did you use to under volt?

  7. wesley lewis says:

    i don't really want the 9900k i think that gets way to hot i think the 9700k and 8700k have better temps plus they are less expensive the 9900k is to expensive

  8. said yahya says:

    In ACC you can only undervolt upto -0.1v and if you want to undervolt further with XTU then you have to restart laptop everytime you do that. its annoying BUT i dont want to uninstall ACC, I like it

  9. andyITA says:

    Hello 🙂 I am a big fan of your channel.
    I have 2 questions if I may ask:
    1) how did you undervolt the CPU ? in the bios ? because I can see that in the alien command center you can only go as low as 1.12V
    2) indeed the best balance from your charts is with -0.15v and OC1 profile activated in the alienware command center

    Basically I have the same system as you and I m trying to figure out how to undervolt it by -0.15v and then go to command center in alienware and select OC1 profile.
    it s a bit confusing for me …. please help !

  10. Ntoni0 says:

    I have the Area 51m and do have the exact same driver issues with AWCC and their other softwares too…

  11. Bashar Alloush says:

    I have another question , i have updated the bios of my Alienware Area 51m and it seems that the temp of GPU is limited on 75 . Now i am playing Rage 2 and the temp is 74° stable but the clock speed is 1650Mhz :/ . Is there an hardware problem ? I have deleted the AWCC but didnt work :/

    Edit: now Clock speed drop even under 1600Mhz

  12. Bashar Alloush says:

    Hello Jarrod , i need help 🙁
    i tried to play PUBG on my Alienware Area 51m with RTX 2080 , after just 2 min playing the GPU Temperatur was 79 and then i had temperatur limit and the clock of the rtx 2080 dropped to 750Mhz . i made the max temperatur of the GPU in AWCC 87 but it seems it not working , what should i do now ? 🙁 the fans were on max speed . Room temperatur 28

  13. Jonathan Williams says:

    Even if i had the money to blow, I would never buy such an expensive computer with at least a 1440p screen res.

  14. khankhattak says:

    well a helios 700 is better

  15. osholeeⓋ says:

    Stupid question, what is the laptop with the loudest and best sounding speakers? is it this one?

  16. Chaitanya Pahl says:

    well 9900k means 99 degree celcius

  17. Supremed Ahmed says:

    My wallet is so empty

    Jarrods techs wallet:hold ma beer

  18. Excalibur Umbra says:

    buying an overclockable cpu to just to undervolt. lol

  19. Alexander Torres says:

    I got mine on April 12, 58 days later mine broke up on June. Now my laptop is sitting on workshop eating dust now for 52 days they no longer produce parts, Dell customer service is horrible lying, hanging up, sending you to india dell support… After many calls later connect me with a manager, they are not giving me a new one either refund… thats fkdup for $3k laptop.

  20. John Wick's left butt cheek says:

    "software is trash"

  21. Seth Wiersma says:

    I have the RTX 2060, 32 GB of ram, and 9th gen i7. runs all my games at max graphics with no problems. honestly, if you want to save some cash the RTX 2060 in this laptop works great.

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