Airplane Mode Not Turning Off Fixed Windows 10! 2016

How to turn off airplane mode on windows 10!

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  1. Abdullah Khan says:

    Please clear me fn key and+?????

  2. matthew Adelowo says:

    Is not working on My dell laptop

  3. Rajin R says:

    Boss thanks ur video was useful

  4. ming dang says:

    Didn’t work

  5. yuvaraj gowda says:

    Thank u bro ✌✌

  6. alectric alexia says:

    Ugh my stupid laptop recently got stuck in Airplane mode wtf 🤦🏽‍♀️😑

  7. sagar pednekar says:

    I have an HP Laptop I have downloaded driver tried all settings still the airplane mode light isn't going off. It shows grayed out in settings

  8. Itz_GachaGirl UwU says:

    I keep flipping the switch,nothings happening

  9. GG Anjuk says:


  10. jais sahib says:

    Thanks brother…

  11. RaiNPlAY says:

    I'm on Huawei and I don't have either working

  12. Renegade rahmat says:

    I am having this problem. I tried to press the fn and prntscreen together but didnt work

  13. Josh Schwarzbauer says:

    ***MY SOLUTION***

    !!!!LOCK SCREEN!!!!

    My PC recently got stuck in Airplane Mode. Problem is, it doesn't have WIFI. So not one of the dozen solution I found worked. It simply doesn't show up anywhere on my PC and you can't even search for it. That did not change the fact, that down in the right corner, was the ominous airplane symbol. This caused my PC to not be able to connect to anything wirelessly, which was a huge problem.

    The only solution for me that I finally found, was going to the lock screen, which can be done by either restarting or signing out, and there in the bottom right hand side of the screen was the airplane symbol that I could actually toggle on and off. Days of trouble shooting- I was about to reformat my PC to fix it. Lock Screen!

  14. Scott Bedwell says:

    Thanks for posting no clue how or why it was on never used it and suck with computers. Thanks again.

  15. Vraj patel says:

    There is a small WiFi switch next to the part where your charging port is

  16. Ahmed Sheikh says:

    It’s not working

  17. AngelicAiden says:

    Mine turns grey and it won’t let me touch it at all or let me turn on my wifi

  18. Merab Olfert says:

    It worked! Thanks again for the quick help video.

  19. VSoo 4D says:

    Thank you so much!!!! You are amazing.

  20. Aguri says:

    I don't get's not

  21. Pankaj Singh says:

    Great job bro

  22. MrRaymchopper says:

    Thanks to Fred X, try this… Enter "msconfig" in the command prompt. Click on "Normal Startup" in the start up selection box, reboot and this should take you out of airplane mode. Worked for me and everyone who followed Fred X instructions 👍👏👏

  23. Filmonster Inc. says:

    It also has another solution…Just restart your system, in the lockscreen it also shows the airplane mode button and WiFi just click there the airplane mode and it will get disabled. This is my formula because none of these tricks in YouTube work for me especially pressing the Fn+PrtScrn button. But the lockscreen formula worked perfect…Just perfect.

  24. NOOB Gamer says:

    Lol in my keyboard i dont have fn key

  25. The Culture says:

    Massive Legend Here
    Thank you Master

  26. Dwayne Burch says:

    Does not work. No switch and FN and F2 doesn't do anything

  27. nagaraju reddy says:

    It worked for me in very needed time

  28. Kira Barlet says:

    Lord thank you so much!! I was about ready to break my laptop!

  29. Stcrmz 101 says:

    Bro thanks i fkn love you

  30. Ashikur Rahman says:

    Tricky… Thanks a lot.

  31. Durgesh Thombare says:

    My windows laptop airplane mode is locked i think
    How to resolve this problem???

  32. your channel says:

    Thanks a lot buddy…. You saved My day thank u…. Thanks a lot

  33. LeafyIsFluffy says:


  34. Petty Officer2 says:

    Thanks for the video bc that's exactly what my work computer Is doing. I'm not seeing the button you mentioned.

  35. Monisha Rajan says:

    Thank u so much bro , u r my life saver

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