Sneaker News: First look at the Air Jordan 13 Island Green. Info on the 2020 Air Jordan 1 Court Purple and Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha. New release details for the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 and CDG Homme Plus x Air Jordan 1. New images of the Air Jordan 9 Gym Red and Air Jordan 8 Multi-Color. Check out the Air Jordan 12 Game Ball PE. The Nike Kobe 5 Protro Chaos returns December 2019. New details on the Off-White x Nike Air Rubber Dunk and Skepta x Nike Air Max Tailwind 4. The Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low Collection will release again, this time on Nike SNKRS.

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  1. Daniel Schneider says:

    Any word on Jordan 1 Low Court Purple?

  2. khalilsogroovy says:

    How is it pushed and I still see it on kicks on fire … people just don’t want y’all to know that they release tomorrow

  3. jay phil says:

    Tired of air Jordan one's can't keep up….

  4. Nipponisms says:

    took them long enough to release some purple joints in that style for the ones.. been waitin forever

  5. Jamie Mankos says:

    Tons of heat confirmed and/rumored for next year already, but I don't want anything as bad as I want those purple Chi's.

  6. GTC Reels says:

    And thank you for saying that about these air Jordan 1s being the poor mans Travis Scott’s it’s detrimental like does that make me worst than u cuz I don’t have the Travis 1s? Let these AJ1s stand alone

  7. GTC Reels says:

    Man! Nobody want them LA gear Michael Jackson wannabe air Jordan 1s?! What I look like Dennis Rodman?!

  8. Getrich 42 says:

    Can you get info on the Jordan 8 n7s

  9. Big Waxx says:

    Island Green👀👀👀

  10. SeaTown Savage says:

    Them court purples fuckin go. Imma have to cop em

  11. Sincere McCrea says:

    I’ll get those 12s

  12. ThisDude And HisWife says:

    That Jordan 12 PE 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Julius Thompson says:

    was hoping those court purple's would've had the bred blocking

  14. Patrick Un says:


  15. Youngone1534 Young says:

    Poor man's Travis Scott 1's? Nah, They're Jordan 1's first & foremost.If you have a job, you're not poor.They will sell out quickly.

  16. Todd Womack says:

    I'm getting the mocha I didn't want the 3s last year and I didn't hit on the Travis's Scott and court purple's I'm coping I'm calling them my second chance lol

  17. Lance Gwathney says:

    Thank u Brian and Sneakerfiles

  18. Humble BeeZ says:

    Game Ball 12s, another banger that we won't get our hands on. They are fire !!

  19. Gary E. Ko says:

    It could look like this or it could look nothing like this….thx I could have told u that. And wut colour is sell? Did u mean sail? As in sale? U say this with heel to u say hill. Gotta work on ur pronunciation my dude.

  20. deep citrus says:

    "mocha" jordan 1? i think you mean…the broke boi travis nott's 1's

  21. MO Madness says:

    Thanks man!

  22. dionte hill says:

    The Mocha Jordan 1 is a hit

  23. JJ Wilson says:

    The 12’s are heat! I’d cop those before the Travis Scott 6’s and them are 🔥.

  24. Kozart says:

    THOSE PURPLEEES GO HAAAARD pls let us have more pics and info soon

  25. LaughS says:

    oh shiiit another aj 1 im gonna be taking and L on

  26. GEMINI 605 says:

    The red 9s have my eye. Nike is making it hard. The LeBron's and those drop at the same time I believe.

  27. GzDatguy says:

    Instead of hypebeast's calling them 1's "poor man's" they should call them "smart man's" bc only a dumb ppl would spend thousands on a 5 dollar made shoe.

  28. darius fikes says:

    Those football 12s are slick I like em.

  29. Tyron Wilson says:

    Am i the only one who think the Travis scott 6s ugly. Most of all the Travis scott shoes ugly

  30. honeyblunt5150 says:

    also, i would love for the original wheat 13's and the 2005 grey toe 13's to come back. they butchered the wheat 13's in that last rendition they put out, they aren't even close to being the same shoe yet they bear the same name.

  31. T Thompson says:

    Don't understand talking about PE's!!!

  32. honeyblunt5150 says:

    DUDE those island green 13's look dope as hell. it's been awhile since i've actually looked forward to a new jordan 13 thats coming out. of course we're all stoked for the flints and playoffs to make their return, but as far as a new colorway, i haven't been impressed with their latest offerings.

  33. GirlyGirl says:

    The Air Jordan 8 "Simon Says" is a hard pass for me….

  34. Ameen Moqbel says:

    Those Mocha 1s look like a rip off of the Travis Scott’s 😂

  35. CyborgNS6NL says:

    I hope the mocha’s are made with decent to premium materials and are heavily slept on so I can kop a pair. Very nice looking

  36. rich Ca says:

    Not gonna lie the 13’s has the leather looking like that one old leather couch on clearance that’s unable to be sold

  37. Damien Jeremy Weir says:

    I usualy 👎🏻 the way Nike/JB copy their own colabs but that Mocha 1 might just fill the void created but a 1,500 resale price tag – permenantly

  38. I’m Glo says:

    Those mocha ones look better than the Travis Scott’s in my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️ just cause the swoosh in the right place.

  39. Too Cool says:

    Them 9s bust the hardest. If them 12s were general release they would sit like ducks. Mocha 1s are no different from travys lets see if they sell out.

  40. alister ambler says:

    Thanks Bro, for the info. Keep up the Awesome Job..

  41. Moses Jr says:

    Those 13’s would be fire if the upper was mesh rather than leather

  42. garry ladia says:

    more video jordan 4 boss

  43. Danthaman47 says:

    Those 13s lookin like some couch cushion 13s

  44. marcy419 says:

    I work in retail I’ve also been buying and selling shoes for many years that being said in my opinion every time a shoe like the 6’s gets pushed back its to make more pairs then they put it to full family I believe this shoe is going to be a GR now. Am I wrong???

  45. Mr. Skinny says:

    Salute 🙏🏾 Great news as always.

  46. The FinalGamer says:

    "Poor mans travis scott" 💀💀

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