Adjectives Word Order – English Grammar Lesson

In this English Grammar Lesson, we look at the correct order of adjectives before a noun.
We use the most common word order:
Opinion – Size – Age – Shape – Color – Origin – Material – Purpose

This is also known by the mnemonic OSASCOMP.

We explain the different categories of adjectives and give examples of each.
There is also an example demonstrated with a cartoon and highlighting why the adjectives appear in the order they do.

We also look at the bonus adjective categories of Number and Condition, again with examples.

Complete lesson here:
English Teacher Resource: (Coming soon)

This lesson aligns with: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.4.1d
English Language Arts Standards – Language – Grade 4 – 1d
Order adjectives within sentences according to conventional patterns (e.g., a small red bag rather than a red small bag).

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NOTE: Our English lessons and English language resources are for people over the age of 13.

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    We look at the correct order of adjectives before a noun

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