Learn about adjective order in English with this lesson. When you use several adjectives with a noun in English, the adjectives have to go in a specific order. For example, we say “strong black Italian coffee,” but you can’t say “strong Italian black coffee” or “Italian black strong coffee.”

Why not? Because of the adjective order rules.

You can see the full lesson (which includes the text and a quiz to help you practice) here:

Rule #1: Opinions go first and facts go second 1:57
Rule #2: General ideas go before specific ideas 3:30
The full rule: 5:21

The basic rules for adjective order are:

– Opinions go before facts
– General ideas go before specific ideas

There’s also a more complicated rule, which you’ll see in the video.

You can learn more about these adjective order rules and how to use them in the video lesson.

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27 thoughts on “Adjective Order in English – English Grammar Lesson

  1. Here are my examples:
    1. She purchased a beige velour miniskirt for her beloved daughter yesterday.
    2. Mr. Geoff is a nice competent young Australian teacher at a foreign language centre in Ho Chi Minh city.
    3. My grandmother is a beautiful frugal thin old woman.
    4. Brett Young is a famous young American singer.
    5. My adopted father resides in a large terraced 30-year-old house at 23 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.
    6. His girlfriend is a lovely high-spirited dark- haired Japanese girl.
    7.Jenny has just bought a cool new transparent phone case.
    8. I am really keen on watching old black-and-white Chinese films.
    9. My house has two small round red wooden tables and two big square brown plastic ones.
    10. My father craves for home-made decadent chocolate cakes.

  2. Thank you so much for this lesson, i really appreciate your channel which helps me a lot to improve my English skills, i'm so grateful to you.

  3. it is very helpful, it has helped me with my olympiads and examinations. I have shared it with my friends who have also appreciated the video. You are the best english teacher online. Pls do make more videos. Its my humble request you make a video on non-finite nouns. Thank you!!!!

  4. مرحبا
    أستمتع كثيرا بدروسك
    أريدك أن تعمل دروس في القواعد والنطق والكلمات

  5. why it is important ? i dont' think it is really compicated subject, but – why ? :> what had been genesis of this strange rule ? why need "opinion" before "fact" especially…. what mean "Green as specific idea and not a general idea"… :> what mean "Silk is a fact, but Green isn't fact"… :> "Silk" can be "opinion" too…

  6. Let me give an association. ODASCOM.
    Is this order correct?

  7. Awesome vedio!! This gives information on adjective ardor of things like table etc, but how can we use adjective order for nouns which are not things.


  8. The simple tricks for order of adjective is OSASCOMP , opinion , size , age ,shape , colour , origin , material , purpose 🙂

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