Adjective Order: English Grammar


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    very useful¡¡ im learning british english :,v and this will help me with my tomorrow english exam

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    Thank you. Now we have to practice this

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    How about physical quality?

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    I don't have number but the order osascomp is correct

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    Thanks a lot

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    What is navy in navy blue

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    I got confused about whether we use colour before shape or shape before colour. Do we use a black circle or a circle black?

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    and possessive adjectives?

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    how about articles?

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    Wow!!!. My friends must hear this. NOSASCOMP

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    Thx i get it a bit

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    I have learned that first color come not shape it is size age color shape

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    Wuden? Thanks though

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    How do we use Patterns like floral polka dot embroidered?

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    I'm confused whether it's "Size, age, shape" or "size shape age"

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    order of Adjectives:
    Acronym: A/D O S A S, W, L C O M P
    hehe very true

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    Its actually ANOSASCOMP because of article

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    im year 6 and this seems pretty easy . at first i thought it was hard because of the nosascomp thing but now i know this thanks . your video helped alot in my lessons

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    Actually you can also rember the word nesascomp
    N number
    E expression
    S size
    A age
    S shape
    C color
    O origin
    M meterial
    P porpouse

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    But in Grade 5 it has Article so it is

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    Waw!! Good method NOSASCOMP. I like it and got across it easily.can you add vedios on adverb as well as verbs.


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    how about article?

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    I am going to make a report with my classmates tomorrow and I am explaining this so basically, this video makes more sense than the one on my book. Nice vid! Thx for helping😀👍

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    You forget the article

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