The new 2019 version of the Acer Nitro 5 looks like a decent gaming laptop, but how does it compare against the older 2018 model from last year? Let’s compare the two and see what the differences are, help you decide which one you should get, and find out if it’s worth upgrading from the older model.
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21 thoughts on “Acer Nitro 5 2019 vs 2018 – Worth Upgrading?

  1. I have acer nitro 5 2018 144hz, I just buy it 1 month ago I use for school and games and it's very cool but still if I just know that they have 2019 version of it I definitely will chose it. Well I didn't know it has 2019 version because I didn't search enough and just want to have a budget gaming laptop. Can I ask if It's worth upgrading the ram, and M. 2? Well it works perfectly but still I want to upgrade it can someone help me what is compatible ssd and M. 2 for my laptop. Hope someone will help. Thank you

  2. Hey jarrod'stech, I was able to sell my drumset and now i am able to buy a new computer. should i get nitro 7 or nitro 5? plz reply.
    Sorry if i'm annoying, i just might not be able to get this opportunity again.

  3. Hope you can do a review for 2019 acer nitro 5 ryzen version (3550h & rx560x). Already ordering this one and although I have seen many reviews, it would be great to see your video review for it.

  4. hi what do you think about this laptop Gaming Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42-R5LC AMD Ryzen 5 8GB RAM 1TB DD más 128GB SSD por 833.18 dolares , I will use with camtasia, tia portal, rslogix 5000, some virtual machines .

  5. My experience with it:
    -Overheats fast
    -Needs to be plugged into the wall to actually be any good at gaming
    -Wifi adapter randomly drops connection.

    But it games fine.

  6. Nitro 5 looks (and can perform) decently enough, until you actually feel your fingers aching from the heat, not to mention your thighs already well done if not completely burnt. In all honesty, heat is the only issue i have with the Nitro 5 series (but it is something that really bothers me a lot)

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