Aaron May – Talk My Shyt (Audio)


  1. Dax Moby says:

    "Let Go" is my vibe ❤

  2. Dax Moby says:

    Just shared! Let's get those subs up ppl!! This man is the truth! 💯

  3. Martin Juarez says:

    Fuck ya what I been needing

  4. Dean Brannon says:

    Oih the boy is back at it, my man still here in UK loving it. 🔥👌🏻💯

  5. Rich Slime says:

    Whoever thumbs downed this could fight me 💯

  6. Rich Slime says:

    Damnnn 🔥🔥

  7. ATM Mist says:

    He sounds so much like young j cole

  8. Ten4 says:

    my fav song so far

  9. Johnny Castillo says:

    The people that dislike his art are the people you don't want in your life cause if you not in the game like him you shouldn't be judging 💯
    Keep doin whatchu doin Aaron can't wait to see how big you'll be 3 to 4 years from now man 💥💯

  10. Jayy Frio says:



    I'm liking the new style 😎

  12. D.J Zonnie says:

    Two thumbs down that's when u know yo shit fire man keep grinding Aaron May!

  13. One hundred locations says:

    Gonna come back here in two years when this comment has thousands of likes

  14. Mike Galvan says:

    Bumping in denver CO. Come on down. Much love!! You the best out top 3 for sure!!!

  15. DJ_Dell says:

    애론을 알아서 너무 행복함 ✨👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️

  16. Yellow FlameFRB says:

    "Young n*gga gettin to the bread that easy"😤💪🔥 Arron the new wave🙌
    👇 If you agree dawg..

  17. Brandon Hudson says:

    Shit slaps

  18. Blac Héárt says:

    Been vibing to this new 🔥all day luh bro keep popping yo shit

  19. Cesar Diosdado says:

    Hasn’t made a bad song yet omm

  20. ImaChickenBreast says:

    Stay on the grind bro, the fame is coming 🔥👌

  21. Flavio says:

    Brother demasiado chevere tu ritmo, muy original, saludos desde Perú

  22. Keennness says:

    Aaron only gets better

  23. Ergile says:

    this is actual flames
    been bopping this shit all day

  24. Hayden says:

    Starting to grow into his own sound

  25. Braxton Whitmore says:

    This mans never disappoints this that heat

  26. NEWEN X2 says:

    Cold as always 💎💥

  27. Patience Is A Virtue says:

    Bro doe.

  28. Petar Dujo says:

    straight HEAT

  29. salv xad says:


  30. stripes3 says:

    Haven't heard a song I don't like of his 🔥🔥🔥

  31. Not Adam says:

    His style is flexible asf fair play

  32. Not Adam says:

    Best track

  33. Astro Pebble says:

    Fuck that one dude that disliked

  34. Mikro says:

    Best song on this EP

  35. Teanu George says:

    Best song he got on here for sure! 🔥🤧can’t stop replaying

  36. G4 dark says:


  37. Edwin Gomez says:

    Fye ass song 🔥🔥

  38. joseph romero says:

    Thanks for making your own sound 👌

  39. Teca 95 says:

    Yeaahhh!! 1st day

  40. JustMarlon says:


  41. Bruh says:

    Ur music is so refreshing 🔥

  42. Brayan Calixto says:

    Been here before ride fuck you talkin bout 💯

  43. Lorenzo Padoin says:


  44. Ima High Orangutan says:

    Ooo they all fire af but this one my favorite fr fr! 🔥🔥

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