30 thoughts on “8 TRUE Scary Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of Jan – May 2019)

  1. You see somebody in the hallway of your House and the first thing That occurs to You is to Change the channel 😨 And then fall asleep, WTH . 1 of 2 things would happen I close the door Or he's going to be in a fight.😡, I'm an American so👉💥

  2. Random ad just like: oh ur listening to a quiet scary story… ok…… insert loud, cheery, and bright ad with no relivance at all

    Me: flinches

  3. Story 1 cop did right thing even flee on scene he was clearly out numbered for 1 vs 15 all clearly attemp murder or torturer him with melee weapons If cultist give 1 fair change to walk away is better take it rather die in vain he did report it in though what else he could do?

  4. Last weekend i was home alone and was watching tv … I was sitting in the couch with snacks… Suddenly i felt somebody looking at me from the window and i got chills… Few minutes later, i heard a woman mourning right behind me and i turned around startled ..

    Nah don't be scared it was my mom pranking me XD

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