7 Games That Were Secretly Another Game in Disguise

Sometimes you have a great idea for a videogame and the only obstacle standing between you and success is having to actually develop a videogame. Instead, why not take an existing game, change the graphics and hope that no-one notices? It worked for these 7 games! Enjoy, and subscribe for a video like this every week.

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  1. Greater Doggo says:

    Game factory became a free app company

  2. Embargoman says:

    Yeah, Nintendo has it's own citizen Kane it is called Donkey Kong Country, because Donkey use to be Mario Nemesis back in 1981.

  3. Top This! says:

    All the idiots in the comments that are saying madden, FIFA, or COD being the same every year thats not the same thing as this video is speaking of. the video is saying games that started as other games like rip offs. The games you guys are mentioning in the comments are original games that update every year.

  4. Kyle Thorley says:

    you missed crock and the legend of gobos. was a beta game for yoshis island

  5. Kip Crawley says:

    I'm kinda put off by their exaggerated facial expressions and odd decision to sit in a chair slightly off center in front of a plain white backdrop.

  6. Bryan Naing says:

    I feel that, seeing the success of the Mario franchise, SMB2 should've been saved till the end. Real shock factor.

  7. Ross Shafer says:

    Everyone talks about how Doki Doki panic became Mario nobody talks about how Doki Doki panic was actually Mario at first they wanted to do a more vertical game but because it was so different from super Mario bros they decided to abandon early on and later make it into Doki Doki panic so yes USA did get the real super Mario bros 2

  8. Miku Ivalice says:

    That's Mama Luigi to you

  9. Phoenix X says:

    the sonic blob game, looks suspiciously like DR mario..

  10. The Annoyed Mr Floyd says:

    Wolfen steen

  11. Cyro Mancer says:

    outsidexbox: every video has 7

    me: what is it with 7!

  12. King of Diamonds says:

    I'll be perfectly honest, that nerf gun game looks really fun.

  13. Claude Barnum says:

    Toad was my favorite character in Mario 2

  14. Robin Brown says:

    Fun fact about Super Mario Bros 2: Even though the USA version originates from Doki Doki Panic, the game that later became Doki Doki Panic was originally going to be a Mario game after all. Shigeru Miyamato envisioned a Mario game with vertical scrolling in addition to horizontal scrolling. The game idea was scrapped and a new Super Mario Bros 2 was made (the one we know as the Lost Levels) because some things didn't work as originally intended. But the pre-Doki Doki Panic version of SMB2 does have some information about it – the underground had a cool remix of the SMB underground theme and at the end of the game there was something with money won. It also didn't take place in a dream or a book but in another realm of the Mushroom Kingdom. Introducing new enemies was nothing new, though, as if you remember Mario Bros had different enemies from Super Mario Bros (except the shellcreepers which were renamed as koopa troopas).

  15. Cherubim666999 says:

    7 games that should have caused the execution of the "devs"

  16. Cherubim666999 says:

    So…thats why SMB 2 was such a complete pile of shit

  17. Jeremy Wood says:

    Cat in the Hat is another great example being Pandamonium 3 😀

  18. Crimefighter says:

    While Sega changed Puyo Puyo to Mean Bean Machine, Nintendo changed it to Kirby's Avalanche.

  19. Gr8flJinxx says:

    ……code vein……its just darksouls but vampires

  20. Sammy W. says:

    In the case of Super 3D Noah's Ark it's even better, ID Software wanted Wisdomtree to make that game because wolfenstein was brutally cut on the Nintendo consoles… So it was kind of a fuck you in Nintendos direction

  21. Heroman237 says:

    Chex Quest looks like a good tier shitpost

  22. Leon Scott Kennedy0 says:

    i love super Mario 2

  23. Leon Scott Kennedy0 says:

    Chex quest look like doom game

  24. Leon Scott Kennedy0 says:

    Blair witch looks like slient hill

  25. Carlo Colvin says:

    I will always comment that Andy is bae (so is Luke).

  26. Brent Taylor says:

    The Noah's Ark game was originally a Hellraiser themed Wolfenstein reskin.

  27. CrystalGreymon says:

    "Toad being an unpopular character that no one ever wants to play as."

    Always new I was missable.

  28. Eric Engstrom says:

    Chex Quest Rocked! I remember loving that when I got it in my cereal box.

  29. VioletWhirlwind says:

    I had that Chex game back in the day, but never got it to work.

  30. Wayne Miller says:

    the only problem is to checks aliens didn't come from another dimension they came from the planet it showed at the beginning in the same dimension that's how they got the meteorite so it sends them back to their home planet who in the hell wrote this script 😡 you just ruined the best game ever made

  31. Tripple-A says:

    How about not wasting 2 (maybe 3?) slots with games everybody knows are only reskins of other games…

  32. Сергий Тихомиров says:

    Hey. Blair Witch Volume 1 was cool! I personally liked that it was an additional episode of Nocturne with some extra game mechanics. It's a pity though that they had to cut the epilogue for some reason – the one where she leaves the city and shares a few extra words with the Stranger. You can only read it in the script (Google it).

  33. Nova Rift says:

    doctor robotniks mean bean machine is also kerby's avalanche for super nintendo

  34. Ian Kittle says:

    Sega Genesis? Really Jane? From one Brit to another I'm a little disappointed in you.

  35. Matt Yaqin says:

    Nascar Rumble (PS1) and Racing Rumble (PS2)?

    I didn't expect they were the same game by EA.

  36. Dog Meat says:

    6:40 most adorable girl on the net

  37. WarCriminal 127 says:

    Hey Toad was my favourite. LOL.

  38. Billie TDM says:

    Toad is used a lot in speed runs.

  39. Billie TDM says:

    Dr robotnics mean bean machine also looks like Dr. Mario in a way.

  40. Javier The Awesome Gamer says:

    Chex quest is a ad for the cereal chex.

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