35 thoughts on “5 minutes of Vsco girl Making Tik Tok | popular Tik Tok 2019

  1. I feel like vsco girls ruined everything. Like its not fun to wear anything they wear anymore because people think that your a vsco girl.

  2. Hatee VSCO girls they think world is better without plastic which is tru but if ppl didnt produce plastic we maybe still lives like back in 80's


    -and iooop

  3. in the second tik tok you can look in her glasses you'll see that nobody is there! don't wear big glasses if ya gonna lie!!!!and I oop skskkskksksksksksksksk

  4. my cousin is beside me
    she watched the boy destroying the hydro flask

    she be like: !!! HE FORGOT TO SAY "AND I OOP SKSKSKSKSK"

  5. 5:22
    look at that
    no dents

    Me: and i oop and i oop sksksksk
    dents in my hydroflask got it a week ago 3 dents huge scratch skskskskskssk
    and i OOP

  6. The last one was unnecessary…if you’re not a fan ok but why would you buy something that expensive to just destroy it? Call me lame but why do people think this is entertaining? Cause it isn’’s stupid and wasteful💔☹️

  7. Lol im not a vsco girl but I came home and told my sister "and I oop sksksksk hashtag save the turtles and my little sis went "and I oop sksksk hash brown turtles it was hilarious

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