5 Bosses That Should Be In Minecraft

Check out these 5 bosses that should be in Minecraft! From a lava serpent for the nether update, to a giant snow yeti for the mountain update!
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HUGE Thanks to Entergized for creating these awesome bosses. Find him on Minecraft Abnormals:

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  1. Hudson D says:

    The war hammer should wear down armor durability really quickly

  2. Klämmis Drakemyr says:

    I like the first and I love the silking queen but the Other ones I don't like them

  3. lolbitPlus 2006 says:

    So I have to attack the spiders butt ugh unzips pants

  4. kayziro graphael says:

    Systemzee:it could create some kind of potion to easily navigate through lava

    Me:we have things called fire resistance

  5. Manuel Alves da Silva Leong says:

    The slik queen should drop a silk crown the crown would be able to control spiders

  6. Mia Hinds says:

    I want all of them in Minecraft.

  7. Claire Netflix says:


  8. Claire Netflix says:

    It’s a but

  9. Claire Netflix says:

    Bow and arrow 🏹

  10. Claire Netflix says:


  11. Dragon Gamer Evan says:

    Lava walker….. use fire resistance

  12. Colton Colvin says:

    How do you get these in your game?🤔

  13. TrueHenryUno roblox says:

    Cool idea

  14. the cool vloger says:

    15000 diomds

  15. the cool vloger says:

    Frost finger

  16. the cool vloger says:

    A shilling cobwebs

  17. Jackie Chumchal says:

    The scorch serpent is awesome

  18. Christine Mosey says:

    I like all of them except the scorched serpent

  19. Zombie 13 says:

    The silkling queen could drop silkling spider eyes witch could heal you

  20. darknes 69 says:

    Plzzzz choes meeee

  21. Saeed Omar says:

    Boss 1 will come in 1.50.46

  22. Ace Corvs says:

    Hey Zee,make a song out of this

  23. Xiaoya Zheng says:

    Boss one drop: lava blocks to command blazes

  24. Xiaoya Zheng says:

    Boss five drop: giant hammer and banner to command the smaller piglings to fight

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