41 thoughts on “45K on EBAY in May What People Buy

  1. Hi Pete, Iove your channel. Id like to make a comment about buying items and selling for parts. I am a photographer (54) and ran into a seller locally on Craigs a few months ago who was a local old school film photographer who had fallen on really hard times. He had listed a large lot of Mamiya RZ67 film camera equipment for sale. When I say large lot, im talking about 6 bodies, 6-8 lenses, film backs, winders etc.. All professional medium format 120 film gear. Kicker; all had been poorly stored and in rough condition (some rust, heavy dust etc..) He only asked $100 for all of it. I bought it all, 2 large boxes purely with the intent of cleaning up each piece, researching and listing as each item on ebay. I've netted so far >$800 after fees and still going. Got to know your niche products and keep an eye out.

  2. Please stop drinking during your videos.. it's 28 minutes, if you can't go 30 minutes without something to drink you have diabetes 1.. Making noise when you drink or eat is offensive..

  3. I bought a cat scan machine in a storage auction In miami for 10 dollars and sold it for 145,000 dollars. Best deal ive ever made.

  4. I was banned from Ebay after being a consistently awesome seller for 8 years, i had a 99.7% approval rating and i only had 4 negative reviews out of thousands. Ebay treats their sellers like shit, terrible fucking company, i never even got a straight answer for why i was banned. I woke up one morning to check my sales and i see the email stating I've been banned. I think a buyer that tried to scam me out of an iphone 7 plus & get his money back, while keeping the item, I have NO idea what this person told them, but i think that is the reason, but I'm not totally sure. But yea, Ebay really does treat their sellers like shit, I paid $$$$$$ in seller fees. I really loved selling on ebay, I had alot of fun. I do not appreciate them treating me like they did, dirty as fuck!!

  5. I have a real pineapple that is all dried out. had it for 4 yrs. I keep thinking some one out there will buy it for mega bucks…should I try to sell it?

  6. I get those Starett Levels free at work, they belong to land surveyor level angles used by the highway dept. I have 30+ I work in waste management. Great channel!

  7. Do you test electronic gear before buying ? Easy to get burned on something that a buyer says doesn't work and they want a refund.

  8. Man, I had a chance at a free vintage sewing machine.. unfortunately it couldn't fit in my car. It was on the free Craigslist section too. Main thing was that it would be coming with a cabinet attached/built on, that was the main thing that couldn't fit. Definitely could have scored a bit on there.

  9. I used to sell things here and there on Ebay years ago. Even though I no longer have time (focused on building a different business model), I enjoyed this video!

  10. Fuck ebay. They just screwed me out of 1600 as a seller and totally rolled over on me and refunded a scammy buyer.. bullshit …never again!

  11. Hi Pete. I've always been a big fan and enjoyed a lot of your videos so thanks for a lot of great content. I don't think your recent video is that informative as saying you made 45k doesn't say anything about your costs of goods, cost of storage, cost of employees etc. I probably wouldn't want to give out that kind of information so I don't blame you for not doing so but I would find that information actually useful. I hope you are able to use this feedback productively. Best wishes

  12. First time watching learning a lot thank you. Second, love your accent. And third, do you know what should I charge for a locksmith’s keys box.

  13. Wake up people, eBay is making money on you. Nobody is making money on eBay anymore, do no start eBay store or you will lose money

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