3000+ Damage Stun +52% Magic Scepter Ogre Magi Carry Melt Enemy Epic Fun Gameplay by Aui Dota 2

3000+ Damage Stun +52% Magic Scepter Ogre Magi Carry Melt
Enemy Epic Fun Gameplay by Aui Dota 2

Ogre Magi, is a melee intelligence hero, famous for his random potential for extreme burst damage and his enormous health pool for an intelligence hero.

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Music by Ross Bugden

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  1. qp gaming says:

    ogre is awesome hero bro

  2. Larrybyrd says:

    0:57 creeps didn’t attack

  3. Sinha Ryuu says:

    Luv it. you 'll see Rinki playing ogre.

  4. Daddy SharkSharkShark! says:

    Ding ! Ding ! Ding !! Mother DingDing !

  5. Kimzz says:

    Ogre = strongest early game

  6. Enigma says:

    9:10 script swaps…..come on man

  7. Angelo Arce Yauri says:

    No eh tienido tanta suerte con los multicas :c

  8. David Angelo Barchi Rodríguez says:

    Pa Arcana giveaway

  9. Sasha S says:

    omg that …ogre

  10. Johnril Gutib says:

    I hope that im the one who can get that Free PA arcana <3

  11. Paul Villarreal Sipan says:

    Slardar bot gg

  12. Death Grips Fan says:

    25% = 100%, like ususal.

  13. Juan Manuel Rodriguez says:

    Gg ogre

  14. eddy zapana atencio says:

    Quiero ganar please

  15. Анатолий Янковский says:


  16. Rino Fitriyanto says:

    try and lose

  17. Avatranscender Rookie says:

    Amazing rng 😅

  18. Momo Dancing queen says:

    I miss the old aghnim

  19. heavy3536 says:


  20. Brandon Palacios says:

    I want arcana uu

  21. steven cu says:


  22. Jefferson Huaman Lujan says:

    Gg ogre carry

  23. Mytorresmo Torresmo says:


  24. royce angeles says:


  25. Manosinh Phimmachanh says:


  26. Sulistyo Damas says:

    Should changelane with jugg

  27. F. C.P. says:


  28. Ереко Албан says:


  29. Gabocash RM says:

    I want the arcana

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