3 Minutes Of Football TikTok’s. This Is 3 Minutes Of Football TikTok’s That Were Taken Place In High School And College. In This Video, You’ll See 3 Minutes Of People Making And Doing Football TikTok’s That Got Them Inspired.

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  1. Scott McKee says:

    The kid on 2:15 looks like a crackhead

  2. Tik TOP says:

    Hi guys! #TikTokculture, congratulations for your videos these are good qualities I would like to say to your subscribers that I too do similar videos so they can pass on my channel. thank you

  3. Tristan Jones says:

    Pin this if u think u have a great channel

  4. Matt Craig says:

    the guy at 1:42 team prolly went 0-10 and got spanked there home game by 50

  5. fxcet says:

    I hate that white boy with the speed flex he looks so fucking gay

  6. The hornet 🐝 says:

    1:58 bet my high school team fished 8-2 and has the best wide out in the league number 2 and a good qb who can run and throw and he is smart he got a 87 yard td or deffinse has a bunch of good players to GO PHOENIX

  7. Chloe Leslie says:

    I would HATE to have to were those pads for a game

  8. Gavin Velardo says:

    Why don’t u do baseball it’s better than any sport

  9. Roman Angel Gaming says:

    Pin this u won’t

  10. Adria nn says:

    Haha funny

  11. Amp Gaming says:

    this is amazing

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