2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE Review and Off-Road Test

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid introduces a new trail button. How good is it when the pavement ends? Ryan takes it onto a challenging forest road to see how it can handle the hard stuff. Plus: a full rundown of the XSE model features, 0-60 time, adaptive cruise control tested and more.

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  1. Seattle808 says:

    How would you say the hybrid version compared to the adventure off roading and handling?

  2. 2A556FMJ says:

    Will the adaptive cruise control handle stop and go traffic?

  3. Jon E says:


  4. Judd Rizzo says:

    I just bought one yesterday. We put 230 miles on it. It’s great. 😃👍🏻

  5. Abdul Wahab says:

    Pakistan is not worthy of this car.

  6. Frank Hicks says:

    Which offroad tires would be a good match for this setup?

  7. nao nao says:


  8. P-J Ronkainen says:

    Oh. How many owners end up in the woods and remain there. Heavy towing aid is surely a natural protection. Hope this (proper) video awaking some people.

  9. yipdog says:

    you have to keep a hand on the steering wheel to keep lane assist activated..

  10. bigbangnone says:

    I do not trust that the NMH batteries will last very long. And they waste power as compared to Li-ion batteries during charging.
    And the fact that this review ignores that the front Right wheel was slipping 99% of the time, while ignoring how much to the breaking in really regenerative breaking is just stupid.

  11. Gladiator Al Mousa says:

    We can’t even called AWD car without propeller shaft .

  12. George Arsu says:

    A good set of off road tires would have made alot of difference

  13. マイニチ says:

    Great job!

  14. JDWay says:

    Why are people taking these off road? Its.. not designed for that.. it's designed for soccer moms who want to feel sporty, while they drink wine in their living rooms, wearing their activewear… "yeah, Becky. I totally went hiking yesterday.. well, I parked 10 feet down a hill… and I walked up a slight incline to the mall… but it was inclement weather.. no, not pouring down rain.. a slight drizzle. I know, so dangerous!"

  15. something something says:

    I'm trying to decide between this and the Crosstrek PHV. The Crosstrek seems to do better on the trail based on your videos. Is that correct? I would love a comparison, though I know that's not exactly what you do.

  16. Michael Stevens says:

    The vehicle is really a "soft-roader", not a heavy-duty off-road vehicle. Which is fine given the vast majority of owners won't be attempting steep rocky trails. Maybe ski trips or snow-day errands will be the extent of it. The high ground clearance is for better visibility while commuting. The aggressive styling is for marketing purposes.

  17. JLM says:

    Looks like a tire issue than the RAV4

  18. sgcole111 says:

    Please put some snow tires on and try in the winter. Very curious about winter-equipped perfomance. Thanks!

  19. RICARDO DIAZ says:

    You defenetly need to Upgrade Your Tires if You want to go Off Road. Is the the XSE Better than the Limited for Off Road? I believe the XSE C ok mes with those 18" Black Finish Rims. But the Limited comes with 19" Rims.

  20. Samsung Galaxy says:

    Moose test failed!

  21. Apftw says:

    i dont get what you reviewers expect going on "trails" with street tires..

  22. dblissmn says:

    Anyone tested it off road with proper tires?

  23. carson 310 says:

    You need different tires it would be somuch better I have the hybrib model and I changed my tires to off road tires somuch better then I also have a lighter wheels so helps to. The Michelin stock tires are ok but once you up grade the RAV4 can do such more.

  24. John Doe says:

    RAV4 or PASSPORT???

  25. Geoffrey Blood says:

    Going offroad in the sport-tuned rav4 hybrid just seems like a stupid idea. Should have taken a normal rav4 hybrid offroad, softer suspension for better articulation.

  26. Pra Gun says:

    I like the presentation and you get the point across correctly. when can we expect the video on CRV Hybrid?

  27. Kevin says:

    He is one of the best. Very informative and true to the fact

  28. point4894 says:

    Well, where is power on rear wheels?!

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