Lisa Gade reviews the elegant yet relatively affordable 2019 edition of the HP Envy 13 premium Ultrabook. It has a sandblasted aluminum casing, is very slim and light and packs a quad core Intel 8th gen i7-8565U Whiskey Lake CPU and optional NVIDIA MX250 graphics. Pricing starts at $749. It’s available with 13.3” IPS full HD and 4K displays, has a backlit keyboard, USB-C, two USB-A ports and a webcam kill switch. The Envy sits above the HP Pavilion line and just below the HP Spectre line. It competes with pricier Ultrabooks like the Dell XPS 13, Razer Blade Stealth and Lenovo IdeaPad S940.
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23 thoughts on “2019 HP Envy 13 Review

  1. What specs would you recommend for basic home video editing (1080p) and exporting said videos to an external blu ray burner?

  2. If i use 1080 resolution on a 4k panel, will that extend the battery life? Im asking because im hoping to have the best of both worlds. 4k while the laptop is plugged in and switch to 1080p while on batteries to extend battery life.

  3. my excitement for this laptop quickly vanished simply because they fucked up the keyboard and touchpad. The j is in the middle, above of the touchpad this means that my right hand gets cramps everytime i want to write for a longer time and even if i try my best to write while flexing my hand that much i ALWAYS hit the touchpad, making me move the cursor and click random places.

    There are way better laptops especially for this high price, if you are a student or a programmer: DO NOT BUY THIS, actually nobody should buy this i cant imagine this beeing a good laptop for anybody who doesnt have fucked up right hand.

    Good linux support tho…

  4. I have a HP Envy 360 and it has been the best investment ive ever made on laptops.you can see both here.https://amzn.to/2Zd4JF5

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