15 Disney Questions Over (Good) Coffee!

Grab a cup of coffee and join Josh as he runs through 15 questions that we were asked to answer. These are 15 questions about Disney to be exact and you may just learn something about the Disney Parks or how we do things! (Bonus if your coffee is in a Disney mug!)

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  1. THE FLEPT says:

    Agree! Food and eating is way more fun at Disney than anywhere else 😂 and omg Flubber!!! what a throwback!! 🙌🏻 I would love to theme my entire home after Haunted Mansion too 👻
    We have always wanted to be at California Grill while watching the fireworks! Definitely on our bucket list!
    The first thing I thought of for the question about being at Disney opening day was meeting Walt himself if that was possible!
    and ever since we saw Sugar Ray perform live during Food and Wine I always associate Sugar Ray with "Disney" now so that would be my answer for Disney summer music.

  2. Brittany Akers says:

    I agree Haunted Mansion would be a cool way to decorate a house! Also I would add Dinosaur needs to be updated in Animal Kingdom.

  3. Kati and Jordan says:

    I cringed. Lion King was my first in theater Disney movie, but our first drive-in Disney movie was the live-action Aladdin this year. Definitely remember seeing Flubber in theaters hah, such a classic.

  4. Sweet Golden Dreams says:

    About the snacks you can’t go without, my kids can’t go on a Disney trip without having Mickey bars just about every day! 😁😁😁

  5. Jennifer Kintz says:

    I love that you’re playing with what looks like a champagne cork cage 🤣

  6. Jennifer Kintz says:

    Is decorate like haunted mansion too!!!

  7. Ryan Paolo says:

    Love the dark wing duck mug

  8. That Park Life Podcast says:

    Also looking forward to Galaxy's Edge opening SOON!

  9. The Lynn Project says:

    Lol I definitely cringed about the sweatshirt and Jean's! Olaf was my second choice, love that guy! Thanks for participating in my tag video, I loved it!🤗

  10. AJC Magic TV says:

    Does anyone have the questions printed anywhere? Thank you.

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