12 Ways You Can Be Vitamin B1 Deficient

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed the 12 ways you can be a vitamin B1 deficient.

B1 Deficiency Symptoms
1. Nerve – Restless leg syndrome
2. Stress
3. Memory Problems
4. Heart – Edema
5. Lactic acidosis
6. No Energy – Fatigue

Causes of Vitamin B1 Deficiency
1. Consuming Refined Carbs
2. Alcohol
3. Stress – High levels of cortisol
4. Sugar (Diabetes)
5. Gastric Bypass
6. Vomit
7. Infection
8. Antibiotics (Flagyl, Cipro)
9. Diuretics – it could also deplete all the fat soluble vitamins and minerals
10. Metformin – can increase the chance to get a condition called lactic acidosis
11. Genetic Defects B1 Transport
12. Diet – White Rice – could lead to a condition called Beri Beri or a severe B1 deficiency.

Take B1 in its natural form or an unfortified nutritional yeast.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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  1. Rae Habibi says:

    If people that have diabetes and have vit b deficiency. Why are some then in normal ranges who have diabetes?

  2. Noe Berengena says:

    I can see that my alcoholic landlady needs to get on this regimen. Better yet she should stop being in a drunken stupor for hours every day. She is enormously annoying when she gets in that state.

  3. Restored Beauty says:

    Where can I buy B1? I went to two different pharmacies and they don’t have it

  4. Gun Fors says:

    This is really a informative video! Thanks alot – I'm taking nutritional yest now every day since some time back… thanks to you! I have atlast understood how important it is with B-vitamin of all sorts.

  5. Fluuuxxxx says:

    Dear amazing dr. Berg.

    My grandma suffers from severe neuropathy in her feet and legs caused by diabetes. She's tried all kinds of pain relief and medication and the doctors now has nothing more to offer. It's affecting her sleep a lot and generally making her life very difficult and painful. Do you have any recommendations for alternative treatments? Would mean a lot to get your knowledge on this.


  6. Mahdi Althurwi says:

    How much nutritional yeast can you consume?

  7. rusticolus23 says:

    What about defatted sunflower seed flour? Per 100 grams it contains 3.187 mg of B1 which is 212 % DV. It also contains 48 grams of protein per 100 grams of flour, which is crazy amount.

  8. Kimiye Mendonca-Lopez says:

    So I started taking B1 on Monday and have notice my urine throughout the day is bright yellow. I take 1 B-100 high potency extended release at night. Does this mean I’m already getting enough of the vitamin so I’m flushing most down the toilet?

  9. Драгољуб Николић says:

    This video is oversaturated doc.

  10. Amle Satchit says:

    Does the brewer yeast replace nutritional yeast , here we only have the brewers ?

  11. Jim Panse says:

    Is a B1 blood test possible?
    I am a type 1 diabetic

  12. myungskywalker says:

    Please ask your team to reduce color saturation in your videos, its nauseating to have color jacked up so high! pls dr berg

  13. JESUS Anchor of my SOUL KatherineT says:

    My Sister (I was) is on Metformin.

  14. Samoa Todd says:


  15. Recco Con says:

    non-fortified nutritional yeast vs. non-frtfied brewers yeast which is better, more easily metabolized?

  16. magicmia69 says:

    What do you think about taking b complex that is methylated I was told that it's good to take if you have trouble with absorbing your Bs?

  17. Becky Perez says:

    How much b1 should we take daily?

  18. Jovial Juju says:

    Ever since I started taking nutrional yeast my excessive thinking is gone!!! Thanks to you Dr Berg ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Jason Marple says:

    Would this help with my anxiety? Lately I’ve had more then normal. I have some nutritional yeast flakes in my cupboard I’m gonna try to take on a routine

  20. Loretta Ellen says:

    Dr Berg, do you know if monk fruit is safe to use as a sweetener for diabetics? I was wondering whether you’d done any reading on this. Thank you 😊

  21. sagar kontam says:

    Very nice video, please do a video on bile reflux

  22. Ceil Constante says:

    Could you imagine if Medical Doctors actually knew this? Well don't get to excited because they don't and they won't!

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    do you have videos on magnesium deficiency.??

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    Doctor! Can you please upload a video for how to cure piles, fissures and constipation with keto diet. How to detox large intestine and make to work properly.

  25. Adin Becirovic says:

    Dear Dr. Berg, I am a big fan from Berlin and I need your help!
    I had H. Pylori last year and I had to take alot of Antibiotics to get rid of it. I did a food allergy test afterwards and found out all of a sudden I should not be eating chicken eggs or dairy products. Then I went through this phase of constipation until I found out about Apple cider vinager. It helped for a while until I went through this very stressful period of time and had my first panic attack back in October 2018. I have been battling anxiety since then and for about a year now I have had many problems with my stomach such as gastritis, bloating, acid reflux and unrelaxed muscles. Its literally driving me crazy.
    I ordered these probiotics 2 weeks ago and took 2 pills each day for 7 days and did not see any results. I also bought this Vitamin B complex but have not taken them.
    Please help me.

  26. Meister Hä?! says:

    I´ve read a theory, that beri beri isn´t from B1- deficiency but an intoxication from mold, and that B1 is the antitoxin.
    Unfortunately I´ve lost the link.

    But as a question into the blue: Is there any medical application of B1 at mold- poisonings?

  27. The GuardianSmith says:

    I have a stupid question. Do all fats count towards total fat intake? I use MyFitnessPal to track my macros, so when I’m consuming foods with a lot of monosaturated and poly fats they are included in my fat calories, correct? Because MFP doesn’t add them to total fat intake that I can tell.

  28. Sally Semrau says:

    My bf dad has diabetics. Has every problem listed here. So what does he eat- you guested it more carbs. All day long! Sad

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    Great as always Dr. Berg

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    Dr berg, is mustard healthy? I read that yellow mustard has many benefited like b complex and minerals. I really want your opinion on this and it might be a good short video to make 🙂

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    After watching your vids Dr Berg, I think I know now why I get anxiety depression panic attacks difficulty breathing and numbness and cramps back spasms everytime I try to become healthier. It happens when I start exercising a lot and drinking green tea daily. Based on your vids I think I might be losing B vitamins and deplete from electrolytes since I always drink just lots of water. And diuretics (green tea) All these years I’d take acid reflux meds, anti gas, bloat, gerd ,anti anxiety meds. I’m glad I watched most of your videos! Thank you!

  35. Brad Pyron says:

    Berry Berry bad using alcohol will get you deficient in B1 Berry badly

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    I really like to think you for great information you give to us to improve our health.I-am going through high glucose and Neuropathy after listening to you right way I followed your advice my glucose is normal feeling better with neuropathy add B1 yeasts God Bless

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    People of this channel I take dr bergs nutritional yeast tablets and trace minerals for my water. They work. I don’t get anything for saying this I felt so much better within days. Also as I do keto. That’s important to know but I have been doing keto for a year prior so his stuff really helped

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