27 thoughts on “10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of May 2019

  1. Problem with loot box thing most kids play adult games like overwatch was adult because of the dark humor and dark areas of it but kids play it

  2. Instead of messing around pointing fingers with all this game gambling bullshit we should automatically rate the games with gambling mechanics or in game purchases 18 so children cannot get hold of them and if they do then it's the parents problem not the problem of the larger community. The world is full of bullshit problems that would have not existed had parents actually payed attention to their kids.

  3. Gaming disorder just sounds like you’re a person that’s trash at playing video games. The doctor prescribes you to git gud scrub.

  4. I sure do not want them to ban games that are manipulative and addictive By their gameplay unique story and visuals etc like pillars of eternity 1-2 … and leave games like fallout 76 that are not even close to being addictive for most of the players but have one way for not being boredom by paying for skins and xp boosts.

  5. Lol gaming isn't a disease and you can technically be addicted to anything and since there's so many gaming consoles in so many homes and the people probably like the ones that get addicted to eating glass or whatever

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