10 Most Powerful Minecraft Enemies EVER

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All of the characters and designs in Minecrafts are known as mobs. Mobs is basically another way to refer to species in the game and they are what makes the game so great. Understanding the different mobs can help you survive, plan battles, and know what characters to avoid. The most powerful mobs are useful for various battles, earning experience, and collecting extras along the way.

The Illusioner is one of the Minecraft mobs that will only appear when summoned. They have the ability to duplicate themselves and create a lot of problems for players. When going into the Nether, one of the main enemies you will come against is a Blaze. These fire-shooting creatures are tough to battle and become really territorial of their area. One of the great protectors in the game is the Iron Golem. Their sole purpose is to protect villagers and ensure that no harm is done to them. The Elder Guardian is an underwater menace that rivals some of the great sea monsters you encounter in real life. When the Minecraft creators decided to make a new boss in the game, they built the Wither and players now had a three-headed monster to go toe-to-toe against. The Evoker is a powerful Illager known for it’s crazy fang attack and the ability to summon evil creatures known as Vexes. When battling enemy mobs, it’s to get up high and avoid them from another location. Things are completely different with Vexes, the flying soldiers that are sent out to kill. Other powerful mobs in the game include the Ender Dragon, Spider Jockey, and Wither Skeleton.

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  1. SUVAM Limbu says:

    Hey where is herobrine

  2. Sam Hydrochlorine says:

    it was a really good video and i agree with it but if you make another (more up to date) try and add a ravager 🙂

  3. Connie Caldwell says:

    I know the most strongest boss in Minecraft no one even knows

  4. John Philip Soledad says:

    Charge creeper are strong too

  5. Hyper says:

    These are ez

  6. J .Lalhriatpuia says:

    Herobrine :I'll show you !!!

  7. indrayani phating says:


  8. KingT 8 says:

    Charged Creeper

  9. Paavan Jain says:

    You didn't take the name of herobrine

  10. Beck Obrien says:

    Can ender man pick up bedrock

  11. the boss of songs says:

    you missed the godzilla

  12. Mohanam Subramanian says:

    You forgot herobrine he is more powerful than ender dragon

  13. Laxmibhai M says:

    I think it should herobrine beacause he cab't be killed by any one

  14. Justine Eleydo says:


  15. PRAN REAYS says:

    Beastboyshub just defeat wither in two minutes

  16. Apeksha Pargai says:

    Wither strom is powerful than ender dragon

  17. Shayaan Shafiuddin says:

    He forgot to say wither skeleton has a effect called wither

  18. Thiangnu Vaiphei says:

    You miss herobrine

  19. Jakey Bakey says:

    What if Thanos was added to minecraft? Or Herobrine?

  20. Ludwig Vas says:


  21. Cher V Laurenti Engerer says:


  22. Sunny Royce says:

    Why are you showing Witherstorm in the name of Wither it's wrong

  23. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Wither and ender dragon are the strongest

  24. Gurnam Singh says:


  25. Ivan Phyo Lwin says:

    When is the evoker more powerful than THE WITHER?!?And vex?Have you ever fought the wither?!?Also you cannot knockout any mob’s sword?Wither effects?!?!When do w skeleton have amour?Wither vs enderman?I love the ender dragon.The masive fireball gives you istent damage.

  26. Ivan Phyo Lwin says:

    Mining fatigue only slows down the time for you to break block and doesn’t do any damage

  27. GAME BUZZ says:

    Where is herobrine?

  28. Slasher Fang says:

    Shadow clone jutsu

  29. Sebika Mandal says:

    I like Ender dragon
    Like 1000
    Thank you

  30. Rina Maity says:

    You forget about heroine

  31. *adrian* kj 629 says:

    Withermonsterdtorm is better than witherstorm and herobrine

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