10 Craziest The Last of Us Part 2 Theories That May Actually Be True

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 is out next year and despite the delay to May 29th 2020, we’re still incredibly hyped to see how the story pans out. Given the range of trailers released thus far, there have been more questions than answers. So let’s take a look at a few crazy (and perhaps not so crazy) theories about the story that might be true.




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  1. Joel Miller says:

    Joel is not dead!

  2. Joshua Daniel says:

    See I don’t think it’s Joel dying because In the first trailer when Ellie is singing the song she says she’s gonna find and kill every last one of them to Joel which means tue conflict in the trailer when she screams has alerady happened. My guess is that new asian chick or whatever and maybe Joel dies later 🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. Lightbringer says:

    The last of lesbians 2: The SJW propaganda edition

  4. christopher damian says:

    If you think about it Dina would still die because Ellie is infected and Dina would never know since Ellie does her best to hide it. So that kiss would be Dinas death and probably add to Ellie grief and rage

  5. Ob ey126789 says:

    If Joel dies he better get the best send off in gaming history

  6. Darren Alexander says:

    I still don’t believe the mystery woman is ANNA.

  7. Mustafa Mobasseri says:

    Druckman said joel is playble in TLOU Part 2.

  8. Joe says:

    They kill joel in the trailer

  9. Marine says:

    I doubt that Joel is dead Ik it’s a theory but still

  10. Vincent Cenni says:

    What if the scene where Ellie is being held down is not Dina's death or some kind of assault, but rather the thing that Ellie has already experienced. What if she is watching Dina being turned into an infected in front of her eyes bringing back flashbacks of Riley's fate. I think this would set her off in a big way.

  11. Jedi keith Parker says:

    If Joel is dead we better not play as Tommy

  12. GForceIntel says:

    Anything is possible. I'm more inclined to Anna won't die and she will become ellies new companion as joel will die eventually.

  13. Andrey Sid says:

    I just want to kill some infected and shiv people in the neck

  14. BenjaminLRD says:

    Why the fuck do they release these trailers so early when they ain't gonna release the game for years to come

  15. strangerthings1995 says:

    As a male, I'm offended that there are virtually no male leads in this game.

  16. Tevya Smolka says:

    Joel could be a figment of Ellie imagination but i doubt it

  17. prashams says:

    I don't think Joel is dead……in the party the Asian guy talks about him as if he[joel] is alive.

  18. Dushant Bansal says:

    Is there a new TLOU2 trailer or gameplay dropping?

  19. Splatter Gawd says:

    Hey comment heads hope you're day's going well. I started my 1st gaming channel and I'm just looking for some feedback! All kind is appreciated. =] ya boy Splat!

  20. Mr. Snake says:

    And some of those theories could be resolved when the full game releases. Until then, let's wait for something great.

  21. Jj Blackmon says:

    The mystery woman isn't ellie's mom its Katt ellie's ex girlfriend that gave her the tattoo.Its even said the tattoo causes tension between dina and her ex.

  22. Alex Townley says:

    Joel being dead is such a stupid fucking theory, and Naughty Dog wouldn’t show Dena being killed in a trailer 🙄 It’s all audience manipulation.

  23. Bailey Nelson says:

    I believe that Ellie is slowly turning into a new type of infected.

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  25. SwaggyJD says:

    Who else is excited for the last of us 2?

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