Today in Clash Royale we use the #1 Mega knight deck! I really hope you have been enjoying all the clash royale videos lately! thanks so much for all the support on clash and auto chess mobile!
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  1. Troll Media says:

    It actually works super well

  2. Patman says:

    imagine watching the whiniest youtuber ever.

  3. MEHUL MATHUR says:

    Not the best deck

  4. And صادق السلطان says:

    That’s what she said

  5. The MOB Series says:

    Cool Deck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Goth says:


  7. Aztec Gaming says:

    What can you replace the electro wizard with

  8. Luxembourgish Empire says:

    17:30 So so funny

  9. Abhit Krishnan says:

    If u people think u are so good try 1v1 Inc him them

  10. Josue Moran says:

    I hate the xbow deck too

  11. You tube Brawl says:

    Mmmm. Good))

  12. Afsar Ahmed Opu says:

    i want play with you play with me plz my clash name is scorpion Fuad.

  13. Anakin Skywalker says:

    I am amazing even if I say so myself

  14. wolfnig 88 says:

    your shit

  15. Edgar Guerrero says:


  16. youraveragedude says:

    Lmao tattoos are overrated now

  17. Say Cheese says:

    Imagine sparky was 4 elixir that would be OP

  18. Sanket Singh says:

    I noticed one thing every time i play mega knight deck in arena 13 my opponent 90% of time also have mega knight did anybody else notice the same

  19. Emilio Bansale says:

    “My deck is anti mega knight”

  20. Louthenics says:

    Every mega knight deck is the best

  21. Leo zuñiga says:

    I defeated you today on ladder .

  22. Mauricio Castro says:

    Don't worry I got the lag problem to:(

  23. ツf0rfeit says:

    Pair the Mega Knight with a Baby Dragon or Witch and you're good to go.

  24. Gabriel Sagala says:

    Mega knight is too op

  25. Martin says:

    Same 😂

  26. Haiman says:

    molt getting trolled

  27. TTV_Graceful says:

    I got it from the crown ches

  28. bigge5 says:

    Where is the actual deck?

  29. chong hoe says:

    So what you basically do in this game is to start grinding your cards level to max when you're at Arena 1 because everyone in the high arena bust you out with max levels.I'm level 9 Challenger 2 and i can't play shit againsting those fking 13 levels…*lesson learned*

  30. MARCH says:

    For the electric wizard question he literally answered it himself😂😂

  31. tywinislit and Eddard says:

    Molt comment section always cracks me up

  32. Jaxon Howe says:

    Can someone please trade me e wiz and I will give you night witch. If so, please reply.

  33. Bryan Ibarra says:

    (Opponent puts down a card) Molt: oh its an expo deck

  34. AFL Moments says:

    4:18 literally 0.1 seconds of lag from mega minion

  35. Sumanth Marathe says:

    Yeah ,dam lag can lose our tower

  36. Yue Playz says:

    Legends says that THAT E WIZ IS STILL ALIVE

  37. mekka knight says:

    Why do you always assume things bro

  38. Faitzz says:

    Lmao how the tables turned near the end

  39. Keanu Montagnese says:

    What can u use instead of ghost

  40. Rub y says:

    How can he say that the Inferno tower didn't get a neff I have to run a pekk deck because of it

  41. Isaiah Mejia says:

    Him This lag bro what is this

    McDonald’s says free WiFi

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