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  1. Lexy Hutto says:

    absolutely nobody:
    the universe dies:
    the last horse girl: 49:57

  2. Autumn Robinson says:

    2:37 was really creative i love it

  3. WillThe PennyWise says:

    who actually watched all of it

    I did 🙂

  4. Wesley Fisher says:

    8:27 literally happend last night

  5. Maddie Girl says:

    yo but this happened to me before i woke to indian men making a house 😂

  6. Grace__ says:

    Why and how did u watch this the whole way through I need help.

  7. FLAM'IN says:

    I thinl bro this is a waste but no offense we have yt music now

  8. Xyxen8hydra says:

    I watched the entire thing and still can’t find my song

  9. Ferro says:

    11:23 the cat is contemplating the meaning of life

  10. Leila Lazic says:

    YeE yee

  11. Leila Lazic says:

    YeE yee

  12. Jurassic Rexo says:

    Well Area 51 comeing for meh

  13. London Aaron says:

    Most of the clips before 20:00 were used in version 1

  14. Obsessed With Compilation says:

    This video was great for killing 1 hour cheers.I also make Tik Tok Compilation videos come check me out.

  15. General Jellybean says:

    I straight up watched all of this

  16. Authentic says:

    also this again IJKLASDFLJKD 37:04

  17. Lily RS says:

    Don't mind me just bookmarking songs i'm gonna look back to
    2:51 5:44
    18:32 19:26
    20:30 22:09
    22:48 23:40
    24:50 26:08
    26:41 26:56
    29:47 31:07
    32:14 34:55
    35:05 35:40
    36:23 37:20
    37:29 37:52
    41:49 43:11
    45:48 49:18
    50:54 54:46

  18. Authentic says:

    also this 26:27

  19. Bung My Chung says:

    Round of a plause for the people that played cod zombies 31:08

  20. Authentic says:

    do not ask i need to save this 23:17

  21. DanK MemeS says:

    Who is better?

  22. gabril duero says:

    16:11 Ok man, you can't cheat the system, you gotta fit some organs in there.

  23. blow fish lasagna says:

    Yo does Anyone know the video were that dapper dude tips the waitress ?

  24. jeongyeon uwu says:

    32:30 necesito esto ahora

  25. Qwoky says:

    ꀤꎇ ꌩꂦꀎ ꏳꍏꈤ ꋪꏂꍏꀷ ꓄ꀍꀤꌚ ꁅꋪꏂꍏ꓄ ꒻ꂦꌃ ꌩꂦꀎ ꅐꍏꌚ꓄ꏂꀷ ꌩᖘꀎꋪ ꓄ꀤꎭꏂ

  26. The Cheese Touch says:

    Damn….I really did just watch a whole damn hour of tik tok

  27. James Hickory says:

    No you’re not lying

  28. MrViral Unknown says:

    Thanks Visicks

  29. Amora McGaha says:

    i watched it all

  30. superdud 101 says:

    people only know the delfino plaza theme from tiktok. like why people?

  31. Captain McShrimp says:

    When tik tok is the reason I love Japanese music.

  32. Richard Johnson says:

    seiz light leds

  33. Gucci Baby says:

    So basically I thought I didn’t need this because I basically know all of these songs but I needed it just to hear all of them again

  34. William Womack says:


  35. Taz Bunny says:

    I dont wanna sound douchy but I think these vids are your best I LOVE these

  36. Humyra Heya says:

    Oh wow it’s legit 1:00:00

  37. Gazelle Tanglao says:

    Did i just seriously watch the whole thing

  38. Apricotic Peaches says:

    7:40 i screamed "NOOOOO" whEN I REALISED WHO IT WAS- A A A A A TOO SAD- MY HEART 😔💖💖💖💓

  39. Eric Dowling says:

    Message of the day

    You got a cat? Put some cheese on it.

    by random guy on this video i seen

  40. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Yo fuck this new bitch. Where’s my deep voice man

  41. Shylaplayz Roblox says:

    55:33 Had me dead XD

  42. Justin Y’s Mom says:

    Make a Spotify playlist for TikTok songs

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