day 2… oh boy
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1. What equipment do you use?
My camera –
Vlog lens –
Vlog mic –
Photography lens –
My drone –
Desk mic (commentary) –
My computer –
My tripod –

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37 thoughts on “0 → 1M TikTok Followers – Episode 2

  1. OMG HOW IGNORANT CAN YOU BE?! GIVE HALEY SOME LOVE AND AFFECTION! like idk how things have been between you two but i recognize a girl in need of attention. if she's been a bit distance lately then I KNOW I'm wright. Like just put of one day to do things she loves and boom your relationship is saved.  

    don't do the same thing my bf did to me cause your gonna regret it
    Like this so that he sees this. I'm tryin to save your life dude

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