0 → 1M TikTok Followers – Episode 1

day 1… here we go
go follow @trahan1m on TikTok!!!!!
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1. What equipment do you use?
My camera –
Vlog lens –
Vlog mic –
Photography lens –
My drone –
Desk mic (commentary) –
My computer –
My tripod –

HIDDEN COMMENT: i see the hidden comment

source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. Deagon123 folivi says:

    Am I the only person who is trying to find his tic tock account name to follow him.commet and like,

  2. Tray Little says:

    Dope video!! My Tiktok has been growing so fast! I’m under: TrayLittleMusic

  3. naylag24 says:

    I see the hidden comment

  4. Just Kaci says:

    He got more followers than I got in 3years in 3mins 😂😂😂😂

  5. PILXBOI YT says:

    Ryan Gets 44K followers in 7 hrs
    Me gets 1 Follower in 5000 years

  6. ScubaCrayz says:

    11:05 💀💀💀

  7. Jeremiah Welch says:

    The fact you got more than me in a day makes me feel attacked

  8. Team CoBaltZ says:

    Rejoin the Y 11:20

  9. Team CoBaltZ says:

    I just realized I was just ne of those followers haha

  10. Jęssi3 says:

    Ryan: Get a about 600 followers in 3 minutes.

    Me: Gets 576 in 2 years.

  11. ツsasuke says:


  12. Brqiny says:

    lol me: in 4 yrs gets 100 folowers and 15 likes
    ryan: 15 min gets like 5k dosent care

  13. zack zablocki says:

    why am i laughing so hard at the fact her sweatshirt says kale on it at 8:16 haha

  14. Loony Lovegood says:

    You have a tiny face

  15. Antank says:

    how to get famous…. already be famous

  16. AyeItzHayden says:

    I barely have any followerssss people follow me on musically I mean tik tok😂❤️ @officially_hayden_
    And insta (the same @ as tic tok)

  17. x X ghost X x says:

    Him: gets 1000 in like 10 mins
    Me: gets 70 in like 2 years

    Pls get me to 100 ;-;


  18. E Murray says:

    What editing app did you use

  19. nadia diez smith says:

    Ryan:Gets 700 likes in 5 mins
    Me:Gets no likes or comments

    Btw I am SmithyGurlxoxo on TikTok🎀

  20. • IceBerryLps • says:

    I literally just recognized you from tik tok

  21. Inhle Cele says:

    If anyone can do it, it’s you.

  22. Shira Perez says:

    Bro your so passionate

  23. Kendall Vandenhoek says:

    There are over 1 million people who have watched this so if we all followed that account he would get 1 million easy

  24. AnnaDawson _Vlogs says:

    0:28 hahahahaha Ryan Trahan is already a household name. At least at my house.

  25. Noella Horne says:

    8:07 what our moms see when we do a tiktok

  26. Pauline Boyd says:

    I love you

  27. Ebony Scott says:

    how is there not a single comment about how cute Spock was "protecting" Haley when he thought Ryan was attacking her!?

  28. Unicorn Poop says:

    I saw that video…. I liked it! 5:31

  29. It's Brooke says:

    The spicy sauce was on my foryou page and I didn’t even realize it was u

  30. THE LAZY LUCIFER says:

    i followed u XD

  31. Preston Morin says:

    I seen your 2 vid on tiktok for you page

  32. LetiMusic says:

    According to my calculations, if he can get 676 followers in 3 minutes, he could get 1 million in less than 26 hours … you monsters.

  33. Ty Slimak says:


  34. Jarod Clansey says:

    Ryan why? Or more like it how?!? I'm slowly growing but you blew the f up!!

  35. Animallover102 says:

    You got more followers than me in 3 minutes and I have been on since musically😭

  36. Gmk Draws says:

    points to explodes ketchup bottle
    Yeah we just filmed another TikTok.

    Why does it seem like that is SO tiktok?? 😂

  37. dolores miller says:

    I saw the ketchup on my tiktok for you page before I found your YouTube

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