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Receive messages from your spirit guides, source and angels. Contact a loved one that’s passed. Would you like to know what changes are coming up for you?

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For entertainment purposes only. Tarot is not an exact science!

I strongly recommend that you do not take too seriously or literally interpretations you may receive during a reading, nor base critical life decisions on the automated or live readings you receive here. Please use your common sense and own judgement, the site readings are meant to reflect your own thought processes and projections rather than create them.

In my opinion, Tarot does not absolutely predict events or give absolute advice as to what actions you should take or decisions you should make regarding your current life circumstances.

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  1. Esmeralda Ramos says:

    Shut out from Compton California

  2. Suzy Jo D says:

    I loves yah booo

  3. Jackie Austin says:

    Love this reading you put my ass today about some truth but I needed it. Thank you thank you love you girl. Pisces from the ATL❤

  4. Universal Love says:

    I want to study metaphysics…learn the way you did….that karma concept got..in my tracks.

  5. Universal Love says:

    Chris is attracted to the energy.
    It not a interruption it's a connection to the collective

  6. C A Bass says:

    Sista Dr. The new year is in the month of abib! Hence april fools day!!! And that is according to Enoch…

  7. Walter Duke says:


  8. Orla Madden says:

    <3 thank you

  9. Tonya Fairley says:

    When I first started looking at tarot readings Doc just stood out from the rest… she is a true Pisces …. witty … sounds beautiful…sounds like she will TTAU( Tarrr that a** up!) I’m March 6th and I will now at 48 will TTAU😇

  10. prometheus says:

    Damn I already snapped outFire/Cut) on their ass(Twin) but I promise I ain't even mad no more lol.

  11. Its Minnie says:

    Ain’t nun fucking wrong with you 😂 ayo

  12. Niema Tucker says:

    Yes we can go down that road. The coldest winter is the 1st bool I read all the way & its the coldest book ever☺

  13. Niema Tucker says:

    I love you Dr. MB, Ive been scare to watch lately because I guess I wasn't ready for the truth to sink in but it has.

  14. Niema Tucker says:

    Stooopp you just read the fuck out of me lol. I dont want to be alone. Lmmfao

  15. Niema Tucker says:

    Omg I was just saying i must be getting karma from some shit ive done & im currently working on my mental for my better judgement with my weak hearted ass. 🤦🏾

  16. Niema Tucker says:

    I think he wanted me to snap out because he keeps texting me about shit that doesnt matter but never answers my questions. Soo fucking irritating so I blocked him.

  17. Niema Tucker says:

    Action 30:33 time stamp whats that mean? Anything?

  18. Niema Tucker says:

    I work overnights but Im planning on a change.

  19. MISSY gold says:

    I have just started dating a libra but he seems to be really good to me so I am hoping he will be my life long partner cause I was married 32 years and im not 1to go looking for a partner so i ask you to send great energy in hopes that we stay together forever

  20. Ace Hardy says:


  21. MISSY gold says:

    That would be ME im very spiritual but I just sit on my butt I need energy

  22. MISSY gold says:

    Im also trying to get my ex to sign my divorce papers i been trying for years and the reason i comment so many different times instead of just once i heard u get money for each comment and I want to help you as much as I can so if im wrong just let me know

  23. MISSY gold says:

    Yes so glad to hear that because that is when im putting my house for sale so that means it will sell fast lord knows I need the money bad

  24. Niema Tucker says:

    I definitely have accepted the moment yesterday & im soo pissed but im done thinkn about that scorpio but I love him…. He's pushed me to find God & love myself a little more. He kept texting but for no reason so I had to block him for my own sanity, im wore out & tired for sure so I blocked him & erased his number.

  25. MISSY gold says:

    And that pisses them off more when you let them think there right

  26. MISSY gold says:

    Omg im about to piss my pants LMAO you tell the straight up truth but you make it so funny and that is why you are the only person I watch for my horoscope

  27. MISSY gold says:

    LMAO you crack me up gf

  28. Niema Tucker says:

    Ima hood squirrel lol🤷🏾

  29. MISSY gold says:

    Yes i definitely need something to give me energy can you possibly give me your recipe for your drink every morning

  30. MISSY gold says:

    You know me so well i have been depressed because this is the 1st time in decades i don't have money to buy Christmas and I have lost a daughter 3 brothers both my parents and I just lost my sister so I have 1 brother and 1 son and my bf is my entire family and it hits me really hard at this time of year so I guess i get depressed and feel sorry for myself and energy i have none that is why I have so many projects i need to finish so i can try and sell them and pray i get money for them i use to hate myself but you have taught me how to love myself again gf you have no idea how much you have helped me in so many ways and I will forever be thankful for you i love you gf

  31. Niema Tucker says:

    Hello Dr.MB

  32. Michelle Sledge says:

    Girl some man tried to snatch my little cousin 2 days ago so…

  33. Summer M. says:

    Lol find you some business im talking to my friends lol

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