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  1. Scorpio Goddess says:

    Wow wow wow nice reading.

  2. Reign Beau says:

    I attract love EASILY

  3. Sarah J Davis says:

    I attract love easily..🙏
    And yes lovely reading. I do have 2 children. And I have had similar readings recently which means it's highly likely this is going to happen. Without going into too much detail. X

  4. Marie Louise McLean says:

    Gorgeous harmonics in the cards 4 moi .Thankyou Jade.
    SO trashed out and exhausted by my twin flame whom I met and recognised a year ago.TF broken and damaged by a father who was violent and controlling towards him from early on ….still wearing fathers beliefs,profession,life and in emotional nappies ( deadzone ) .Midstep one evening walking across a friends lounge I suddenly realised he would never be capable of embarking on any shared mission work (anyone else would have seen it earlier) .I had been totally unconditional in my very deeply felt love and overgiving .I had said to spirit sometime earlier if Twin Flame doesnt look like
    he is ever going to be fully available I give you a fully endorsed request to PLEASE send me my spiritual equal or better , a true soulmate who is mature and wanting to do mission work with me .Well almost two months ago I felt him step out from behind a wall and each day his NRG broadcast is getting closer,louder and clearer…he is totally following my frequency in and we are manifesting each other. Soon as our eyes meet we will be able to say "oh ,there you are".
    Goddus and Archangel Micheal are guiding me in.
    So VERY blessed to have been granted an equal in Divine Love !! M

  5. Latasha Watson says:

    Wow, we both have two kids😉

  6. Ril J says:

    "I attract love easily, and situations that require love." Peace and blessings for everyone.

  7. kriv h cindy says:

    I attract love easily… thanks , lovely reading 🧚‍♀️🌍

  8. Britt GL says:

    I attract love easily ✨

  9. this rose has thorns says:

    This new person reached out to me today. I have never met him, but I feel like I've known him my entire life. We're together now.

  10. Lani America says:

    I Attract LOVE Easily…

  11. I.T Bloomfield says:

    I may hesitate..?? I have yet to meet this person and if he meets my standards, I won't hesitate. If not, I will shut the door immediately. As simple as that. But first of all I have to meet him and get to know him. No sign of a new person as of yet. It's been five years since I was discarded by a narcissistic ex and no new man has approached me after that monstrous Taurus. Thank you anyways

  12. J Pidgeon says:

    I attract love easily! Thank you for the reading!

  13. Carlito Jackson says:

    I attract love easily

  14. Brianna Cruz says:

    I attract love easily 🥰

  15. Zana Chambers says:

    "I attract love easily."🌸🌸🌸💗💗💗

  16. s samaguey says:

    I have 2kids in love with taurus hes out of my league but im ready for stability and commitment i already worked on myself 12 yrs im not setteling im not use to someone taking care of me

  17. Sabrina Sam says:

    I attract love easily.

  18. B Karol says:

    🤩🤩I attract love easily 😘

  19. Blaine Williams says:

    🌬❤ I ATTRACT LOVE EASILY 🌬💚🙏🌚🌕🌙🧚‍♂️

  20. S. Hicks says:

    💫💗I Attract Love Easily💗💫
    Thank You So Much For Your Spiritual Guidance.

  21. Husky Wagon says:

    I attack love💘 easily!!🙏 my name is Joey!! ✌

  22. Tiff Tiff says:


    💫✨💫 Thank you Jade for the beautiful reading!!! I ABSOLUTELY loved it💫✨💫

  23. BlessedQueen says:

    I attract love easily.

  24. Husky Wagon says:

    Jade Thanks for your gifts and your readings.. Every time I hear your reading for a Scorpio!! I feel more grounded and feel your talking to me!! Ya you probably hear this all the time.. But I'll tell u the truth ! With all the things I am going though, your voice and your readings are the last things I listen to before I put my head down.. Love and light..peace!! Thank you !! Being a single date of two older boys.. Your readings have giving me a drive and Faith.. To keep going on in a grounded life one day at a time.. Cheer's😀🙏 just two clear what I mean of showing you a picture of me and my boys!!! 😁😁😁 I mean my kids and I 😀 lol I just realized 😂 Some people would take that wrong? Lol if there head was in the gutter!! Lol Mine is from the soul!! 😇 ✌

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