39 thoughts on “헨리(HENRY) ‘How to Love’ live performance at TikTok Awards Ceremony

  1. 헨리야! 너는 못하는게 뭐니? 사랑스럽고 잘생기고 노래잘하고 여러악기를 전공자처럼 연주 잘하고ㅡ
    여자친구 잘 사귀어라.

  2. un grand merci a monsieur henry lau que j'adore virtuose inne le voir faire un spectacle grandiose rien pour nos yeux merci

  3. By now, everyone should know that Henry is talented! if not, they are missing out!!! I wish I was this talented lol. or at least know how to play a instrument. But Henry is rock'n it out there!!! Go Henry!!!! You rock! The best artist/musician out there!!

  4. Me encanta cuando haces eso de los sonidos, uno tras otro😍💕
    Tu voz complementando lo es increíble!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Eres mega talentoso!!!

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