31 thoughts on “수리가 병원에 갔더니 대답을 잘해줘요

  1. Noel "Welcome home beautiful,"
    Kids "Yay moms home,"
    Suri "Aw thanks my kitty greeting committee," sorry couldn't resist lol. Suri's an elegant beauty her meows always make my day

  2. Like the rest of the kitteh family, Suri's working out in her head how to flip you off before, during & after the trip to the vet…😁

  3. Butler! The English translation for Noel is wrong during this episode:
    13:24 – Noel actually says: "Glad I didn't have to go to the vet."
    13:33 – Noel clearly says: "Butler, when are we going to eat?!" 😂

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