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, Jan. 1, 1970, 5:30am IST Views: Comments: 15
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Readers' opinions (10)
Rakesh kumar Bihar
no apply examination
shoumya raj hilsa nalanda
sir please the mains exam is further on time
sudhir kumar chakauti sitamarhi
which month is expected for mains exam...?
sanjiv dhanbad
i think it would be last april to may but not authountic
rajeev kumar banglore
date of form filup when start
Md Irshad Akhter Bihar Sharif
When will be held on the next bpsc exam?
Raghaw Gaya
आचार्य चाणक्य का कथन है कि मनुष्य को शेर से एक, बगुले से एक तथा मुर्गे से चार, कौऐ से पांच, कुत्ते से छह और गधे से तीन गुण ग्रहण करना चाहिए। बड़ा हो या छोटा कार्य उसे संपन्न करने के लिये पूरी शक्ति लगाना शेर से सीखना चाहिए। बगुले की भांति अपनी इंद्रियों को वश मे कर देश काल अपने बल को जानकर ही अपने सारे कार्य करना चाहिए। ठीक समय पर जागना, सदैव युद्ध के लिये तैयार रहना, बंधुओं को अपना हिस्सा देना और आक्रामक होकर भोजन करना मुर्गे से सीखना चाहिए। छिपकर प्रेमालाप करना, ढीठता, नियम समय पर संग्रह करना सदा प्रमादरहित होकर जागरुक रहना तथा किसी पर विश्वास न करना ये पांच गुण कौऐ से सीखना चाहिए । बहुत खाने की शक्ति रखना, न मिलने पर भी संतुष्ट हो जाना, खूब सोना पर तनिक आहट होने पर भी जाग जाना, स्वामीभक्ति और शूरता यह छह गुण कुत्ते से सीखना चाहिए। बहुत थक जाने पर भी भार उठाना, सर्दी गर्मी से बेपरवाह होन और सदा शांतिपूर्ण जीवन बिताना यह तीन गुण गधे से सीखना चाहिए।
Raghaw Gaya
I have mailed three times to BPSC asking about mains date.First time they have told \"No date for now\" second time they said \"March April\" third time \"March to May\" I think BPSC yet to decide the date...
This is absurd reporting. The headline says \'mains date will be announced soon\' and the last paragraph reads \' Final decision will be taken just after the 9th Fab\'. How come both the statements be true? It is absolutely clear that you are clueless about this. I Wrote a mail to BPSC regarding mains schedule and they replied \"hope for April-May at least\". I guess,it is far more authentic and reliable source than your blog where you post anything without responsibility, just to catch eyeballs.
Reply : Arvind Patna
Your leaning is definitely Good, there is no doubt about that. Your Calculation date...which you said could be around 60 days from the last date of form submission. Logical. It is not about negative in any form is always good, and i appreciate ur effort. If you have any thing to share \"from authentic sources\" do share that at this platform. Thar will help many ways.
Reply : Sonu
Calculation in perfect??? You will get your chance in Monsoon??? What does that mean? Your English is really tough to decipher. Certainly different from what I learnt in school. Don\'t be so huffy. In social media you are bound to get negative feedback.
Reply : Arvind Patna
Calculation in perfect. Hope BPSC will listen. If you are so sure about the communication with BPSC why u are so worried about probable date. You will get your chance in Monsoon.
Reply : Sonu
Pre-Holi? BPSC announces exam schedule about a month in advance along with the names of the Centres for different roll numbers. Even if we assume that it has scrutinized applications of candidates who have already applied, it will have to go through the new applications, scrutinize them and assign centres. Now Holi is on 7-8 March, so where is the time for all that? Even if we assume that BPSC employs supercomputer for the whole process (I am sure it can\'t afford to) pre-holi isn\'t possible ( it takes at least 14 days to conduct mains. This isn\'t one day affair like PT). Mr Arvind, smell some coffee. Don\'t try to ciaim some inside story when you have none.
Reply : Arvind Patna
Interpretation matters. As, all involved in the matter knows how BPSC functions and how credible the sources could be. There are several possibilities of exam dates and pre and post Holi is a matter of debate withing BPSC.
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